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tough mudder
Incredible experience

I had my doubts when getting ready for this event and had my fears but it was amazing. One of the most challenging endeavors I have ever taken on. It gave me a whole new view on what I am capable of and instilled a whole lot of courage within me to go out and take on anything that comes my way. this was a great way for me to overcome my fears (especially cold water!)

The comradeship among every one who participated was something amazing. Experiencing this event with thousands of other individuals that were all working towards a common goal was an experience all on its own. i definitely suggest this to anyone, no matter who you are. There is really nothing that can hold you back if you prepare yourself physically and mentally. There really should be no excuse, as I saw a man with a prosthetic leg that was keeping his own and was absolutely kicking butt!

I am definitely participating next year and will be training starting now! :)

move into an apartment
Make it happen!

This needs to be done by the end of August. 7 weeks to go and i am starting now. Each paycheck is having as much as possible put into savings and not being touched. Frugal living from here on out to save all of the money i can between now and then. Things gotta change soon, and this is one step closer to being where i want to be in life!

“Make your dreams a reality”

I also need furniture. So save up!


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