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be more eco friendly (read all 2 entries…)

I basically never buy bottled water. I carry my own water bottle. I like to get coffee in my cup, not a paper one. It makes my day a little better. At school I pull the juice boxes out of the trash

Meet My Chemical Romance
Meeting Gerard Way and Ray Toro

We went to sit outside the venue in Vancouver at 10am because we had nothing else to do. It was amazing. We met Gerard Way and Ray Toro

Seeing My Chemical Romance Live.

They released a new album: Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous killjoys! It’s fabulous. They are now touring to promote the album!
So, April 2nd, 2011 I will be seeing My Chemical Romance. I have been waiting for this oppurtunity for four years!

Score a triple play
Once you've scored an out you're on your way.

I’ve scored many outs.
I’ve even scored a double play.
I am a third baseman.
I stuck my glove out and threw the ball.
Double out!
What I want is to stick my glove out, step on my base, and throw the ball.
Scoring a triple out.
That would be heaven

hit a home run
It's all about the practice.

Hitting a home run is about practice, timing, strength, speed, and proper form.
Firstly you need to have proper form.
If you’re not batting correctly you’ll never do it.
Strength and speed are two good things.
You have to have strength and speed to get the bat around.
The heavier the bat the farther you’ll hit the ball.
Composite helps too.
None of this metal crap.
Timing is HUGE!
If you’re too earlier fowl pop fly
If you’re to late fowl pop fly.
You want the sweet spot
And lastly, practice.
You’ll never achieve anything without practice.

be more confident
Hold your head high.

Hold your head high.
Never drop your eyes.
Confidence is sexy and noticable!

Purchase Toms shoes
What a good cause.

I adore Toms Shoes and what they stand for.
First of all they donate shoes to people who can’t afford them.
Second They have vegan shoes!!
That’s fabulous!
I am not a vegatarian or a vegan but I still believe this is great!

Keep my room clean
And the messiest room award goes to...

Well, from looking at my friends’ rooms not me.
My room is messy and becomes messy easily.
The big points are putting my clothes away, making my bed, and throwing my clothes in the laundry basket.
Keeping my room clean keeps my dad from becoming a psycho bitch

earn straight A's
I realised.

Last year I slacked, big time.
I’m a smart kid. I do have trouble understanding things.
That means I should have As and Bs.
I recieved a C- in Pre-Ap Science.
Because I slacked.
Second Semester I slacked.
I failed pe in term one and almost failed socials.
I’m smart. I feel stupid when kids in the class are comparing grades.
Suddenly I realised.
Why be the stupid one??
I kicked my butt into gear.
I pulled my socials grade from F to C- to C to C+ to a B.
A brilliant B.
My pe was a C+ for the term but, when you average term one and two it was a c-
My math was a B but averaging it was a c+
My english remained a solid A all semester.
This is my year. I will achieve those As!

Be able to feel beautiful with no make up
The key is

I believe the key is to accept your flaws and work with them.
I have acne and black heads, alright.
I could have it worse.
There are people out there who have worse skin.
Put yourself in their shoes.
Imagine how they feel, probably more self conscious than yourself.
Put a smile on your face for them.
When you pass them in the hallway give them that smile.
Happiness is contagious

stop caring what other people think
Nothing makes them better than you

Dear self and anyone else who reads this.
You don’t need to care what people think.
Nothing makes them better than you.
You are yourself and you are beautiful.
In our world it’s all about confidence.
Hold your head up high, don’t look down.
You’re worth it, Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not

Be kinder
You just have to think

Before you speak, think.
Do you want to reply with a bitchy answer and begin a fight, or just play stupid and be sorry and not cause a fight.
Just be a little considerate, that’s all it takes.
Breath, don’t jump.

be more eco friendly (read all 2 entries…)
Sometimes it's hard

I’ve started!
When cleaning my room I recycle all my old papers.
Sometimes when your downtown and you’ve finished your soda there isn’t a recyling bin around and so the trash is the only option.
Well, it’s not but, I’m just a lazy person.
I feel bad about throwing it in the trash.
It’s not being eco friendly

stand up on a surf board
Not as easy as it looks

Well, I went surfing.
I wish I could say I stood up, I did not.
Oh well, There’s always a next time

Lose 30 pounds
Losing the weight

To do this I must be conscious of what I eat.
I have to run.
Today is my rest day and my mothers birthday.
Meaning no run and bad food and cake.
I have to run tomorrow!
I will do this, and all the kids that ever made fun of me will be surprised.
I’m not doing this for them though.
I am doing this for myself!

run more
Running more

The key to running more is run.
Don’t tell yourself you can do it another day.
Start today, get dressed, lace up your shoes and run.
I ran for the first time in a long time yesterday.
It was great.
Today is my recovery day.
Seeing as it’s my mother’s birthday and I have sore ankles and knees

Get an eye exam and purchase Ray-ban glasses

Well I got an eye exam, I have a perscription but I could get away without wearing glasses.
I have decided at this moment in time is not a good time to purchase glasses, seeing as they are really expensive



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