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Back to me…I have to remind myself that this is not a selfish thing. My kids have grown and now I have to try to remember who I am. Not a simple thing. I decided to let go (get closure) from the people in my life that seemed to keep me in the past…I needed a clean slate, so to speak…I was so busy trying to make/keep them happy, rather that working on myself (not their fault). I can see a bit clearer now and really think that I am ready to do this.
I used to sew, draw and loved to exercise. Well I have purchased a pattern and everything needed to get that going…just have to get my mood right to start. Am wanting to try yoga…have found a place to go to classes. I have purchased paint…just have to apply it to some canvas or the wall. I would like to be more natural with things…organic!
So, I seem to have things in order…just have to jump into it…scary…trying to find the courage.

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Well I really have to do it now...

I bought a small home and everything was great. I fell in love, quit my job (I worked there for 8 years)and moved across the state to be with my new love. It was great and then is was not. So, I moved back to my small home and am now searching for a job. I don’t regret quiting my job and moving away…ya never know, ya gotta take chances right? Now I’m starting over in the same place I was trying to get away from…funny huh? Well I’m glad to be back and I’m sure I’ll get a job soon…cross your fingers!!

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Nick Names

So, what is up with the nickname game we play?? do we want to keep our friends Real names private…like it’s only the insiders who now that Scat’s name is really Bill??? or is it because we are all rebels at heart and feel the need to stick it to the man, as if to say…I know that piece of paper says my name is Frank but my friends call me Bubba, you got a problem with that?...

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