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Mr. Siegfried

Visit Tokyo

So, after finding out I’m getting sent over to Korea for the next couple years, I did a little digging and found out that apparently you can catch government charter flights to Japan for dirt cheap while they make runs back and forth bringing soldiers in and out of country. Pretty stoked…

live in a foreign country
Well looks like this is going down!

New orders, inbound to South Korea for a couple years.

deadlift double bodyweight
30 pounds to go.

My goal is to shoot for a 400 lb deadlift by March. All things in due time however. Right now I weigh in at 185, and I have three months until I go home for R+R. Last heavy deadlift I did was 333 lbs (wierd deployment gym mix of kg and lb plates) for 3 reps, I think I should be able to get those 37 lbs in by Christmas.

use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without
The Bathroom.... Dun Dun Dun...

This is going down specifically for my bathroom. We (read as: My Wife) have around 3,000 bottles of lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and body gel. These need to go away….

walk the appalachian trail (read all 3 entries…)
A potential boon...

As mentioned in a previous entry, I’m enlisted in the Army. Previously, I viewed this as a tremendous inhibition. It’s rather hard to get several months leave to go for a stroll.

However… with the shifting climate as far as deployments go, it appears that i will be getting out of the army just a few months shy of the North bound season. Potentially, if I could save up the days over the next few years, I could actually use terminal leave to start the hike, and have the Army pay me to hike the AT for the first couple months. Tremendously excited about this prospect…

go to a Metallica concert

For Nashville in September. Nashville is making me hella proud lately. Death Cab, the Decemberists, Slipknot, Metallica, Les Claypool, Alice in Chains, and a recently announced KISS show in October? Music city indeed.

Climb 5.10
Need to beat myself back into shape

In the vast irony of life, I spent the entire last year (deployed in afghanistan) at the gym lifting and doing pull ups, paranoid that without being able to climb i was going to have to work my way back up to climbing strength. I even carried around a small arsenal of Gripmasters to keep my fingers vice-like. Then, after returning in December, I became so enamored with relaxing and having TV and a sofa readily available that I didn’t climb much after the first month.

So I showed up back in the states in the best shape of my life (better than when i left actually) and now I’m worthless and 30 pounds heavier. There is clearly work that needs to be done to get back to 10 level, I’m having issues with 5.9- lately.

see The Decemberists live

Got Tickets for this September in Nashville! See y’all at the Ryman!

be vegetarian for a month (read all 2 entries…)
May have to halt this goal...

About 10 days in, and I’ve noticed that my skin is peeling to a ridiculous degree, on my hands in particular. Could be job related, So I’m going to keep up with the goal for the meantime, but if it continues to get worse, I’m going to have to assume I’m neglecting some Vitamin or nutrient and it’s doing my body more bad than good. We shall see…

be vegetarian for a month (read all 2 entries…)
Kicking off

Me and my wife decided to jump in on this together. Been about a week, ish, and so far, no real troubles. the only temptation thus far was a starving ride home from work, with 4 or 5 Free Whopper coupons in the glovebox from a month ago. I personally find meat delicious, and have no qualms about the animals themselves. While I respect man’s natural position as an omnivore, I had always been curious as to the health benefits of sticking to the Veggies. I’ve cut out all meats, fish included, however I am keeping eggs in my diet.

get my motorcycle license...and a motorcycle
Getting rolling

So… I’ve had the desire for a bike since… forever, basically. Unfortunately, due to paranoid parents and the lack of friends who rode, and a couple riding uncles who “won’t have any beginner dropping their bike,” I had never been on any two wheeled, motorized anything until today. Through the graciousness (and utter ballsy-ness) of an army buddy with a two week old yamaha, I finally got to start learning today.

Lessons learned? Handling a cruisers clutch is far easier than I expected. The shift pattern really isn’t that confusing once you play with it for a minute. And turning something with that much weight 180 degrees on a narrow street requires far more control than I have right now. Sorry to the guy who’s front yard suffered my wide turns.

Will hopefully be heading out later this week to a nice spacious parking lot to get a feel for controlling the beast a little better.

Big props to my ballsy buddy for letting a novice on his new wheels. Minor props to me for not dumping the thing and making him regret it.

Do the A-Z author challenge (read all 2 entries…)
In Progress

Alda, Alan: Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451


Davis, Steph: High Infatuation

Ellis, Brett: The Informers



Hornsby, Nick: High Fidelity



Krakeur, Jon: Into the Wild

Luxenburg, Larry: Walking the Appalachian Trail

Moore, Alan: Watchmen














have a slimmer waist
Back to 33"

Just returned from a deployment in afghanistan, and between the few months of wind-down and preparation to return home (wherein there is a lot of living in tents and “stay four days here for a layover,” which equates to not being able to get to a gym) and the consequential return itself, which inevitably ends up on binges of “Frickin sweet, I can drink beer again!” and “Holy hell, Pizza is delicious!” I managed to pack an extra 3 inch’s and 20 lbs of solid worthless flab onto what used to be a trim, fit frame. I’ll consider this goal smashed when I can cram myself back into old jeans without spilling out the top. 33” Waist, and I’ll call it good.

Do the A-Z author challenge (read all 2 entries…)
How fitting!

So, As life sometimes sees fit to do, a series of coincidences have me inspired to do this. I was cheered on a completely random goal, the I am the only one attempting at the moment, which had me curious as to the person who cheered it. she had this goal listed, and i just happened to have finished Alan Alda’s memoirs. In addition, this conveniently Alphabetical book came from my wife’s recent additions to the house, which means I now have access to a full bookcase of stuff i’ve not yet read. It just seems like it’s calling me. FORWARD HO!

Now to find a good B…

walk the appalachian trail (read all 3 entries…)
To kick things off

Though I’ve hiked sections before, I’ve never kept track. I’ll kick it off with a day trip up McAfee’s Knob in Roanoke VA I took a few weeks ago. Gorgeous View.

see B.B. King in concert (read all 2 entries…)
Day to go

One day to go. The Ryman in Nashville tomorrow night. As a fat bonus, after my tickets got here, I noticed who the opening act was. When i bought them, I was so quick to buy while they were available, i didn’t even notice Buddy Guy was going to be on the same bill. Excellent.

hike old rag mountain

Excellent Hike. Definitely take Ridge Trail though. It’s much more strenuous, but if all you’re going to do is walk up an access road (essentially) then why bother?

Hike the Narrows of Zion N.P.

Hopefully making this trip with my pops this summer, dependant on scheduling, which is usually a mess.

see B.B. King in concert (read all 2 entries…)

In one of those small miracles, I was returning from a deployment in Afghanistan, and had been about two weeks living in tents, with little access to the internet. I ended being able to check my e-mail once, the whole time is was in the tents, and just happened to check it ten minutes after BB tickets were released by ticket master for a show at the Ryman, a short drive from Ft. Campbell where I’m stationed. Beautiful world it is sometimes. So I’ll be checking this on off on February 12

walk the appalachian trail (read all 3 entries…)
Damned Service

I’ve always wanted to hike the AT. It’s one of those hereditary goals you get from your parents without realizing it. My dad the aging hippy hiked in the VA Mountains along the AT for his whole youth, and never made the commitment to a full trek. Unfortunately, I’m in the Military and am unable to take near enough time to do it all at once, so I’m starting in Maine and will be hiking each mile, sections by section, likely til I myself am an old and grey aging hippy.



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