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How to see thailand
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6 days
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alive !

How to swim with sharks
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3 days
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How to quit Smoking
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2 weeks
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see thailand

Went to Bangkok with my family … it was beautiful !! I got to hang with tigers, elephants, crocodiles .. go to cheap goods stalls, floating markets … And the ancient architecture is AMAZING. The Grand Palace and the temples, so beautiful ! Color and shimmer everywhere. I’d like to go back to see Phuket one day.

go skinny dipping

I was on this social retreat with my a cappella group and we all stayed in a cabin near a lake. We had a really intense bonding session earlier. Then we were partying late at night and a lot of us were pretty drunk, and all of us decided we should walk to the lake and skinny dip. It was FREEZING, but it was beautiful because it was completely dark except for the moonlight. It was pretty romantic, in a group love kinda way.


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