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lose 100 pounds
Over 130 pounds gone, and still going!!

It took me over 3 years doing to slowly and healthy.

I was 280 pounds, and now I am 145-ish.

From size (24/26) to (10/8).

I still have a bit more weight to go, and I am working to tone my new body. It is hard work, but I feel better today than I did in High School!

I want to write a book about how date night is great for your marriage and would love to hear about your experiences (hope doesn't qualify as a smacker!) - the best, worst dates, what you do - email me at
Date NIGHT!!!

My hubbie and I had a Date Day on New Years!

Like children we went to see the Harry Potter movie, buying junk food and enjoying a date like we were in High School again! What a great way to start the new year! :)

create my own website
It got me "famous!"

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