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tell my best friend i love him

my best friend of six years joined the army quite a while ago and before he left we got rather close. We slept together and he said he had wanted to get as intimate as possible with me for a long time i said me too. The next few times we sarted talking bout the future as he was very soon to be leaving as duty called and we discussed waiting for eachother and even the possability of me moving with him or at least near him. Hes been gone about six months now and will be arriving in his home town in a few days to get some things before hes off to afgahnistan but sine hes been gone we havent talke that much i mean e-mailed i know hes obiously not always able to reply but when he does he always just talks bout me and wont say how he is and i put kisses at the end of my e-mails but i never get anything of the sort back. I understand the change his is going through how hard it must be but im worried that maybe he doesnt want to be more than friends now? when he comes home i want to talk to him about it but I also dont want to put any added pressure on hid life. I just dont know?


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