Glo Torres

is saving money for a car.

earn my ged
Free Study Guide!

I was looking through my old books, and I found a GED study guide that was given to me a while ago. I was overjoyed when this happened, because I nearly bought a new one. I’m recommending it to anyone who is looking to get their GED. I started reading it last night. So far, so good!

get my driver's license (read all 2 entries…)
Free Driving Lessons!

It turns out that I don’t have to pay for driving school. My boyfriend has been teaching me how to drive. I wasn’t sure about this at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised the first time he took me out. He was very patient, didn’t seem nervous, (which helped me to stay calm) and overall, he’s a great teacher. I can’t wait to start parallel parking!

get my driver's license (read all 2 entries…)
Got my permit!

I just have to take the road test now. I really need to practice driving though. I don’t want to spend money on driving school…but I think I might just have to do that.

lose 10 lbs
"I wanna look good naked!" -American Beauty

I’m losing weight by doing the following:
-cut meat, fast food, junk food, & alcohol out of my diet
-eat mostly fruit & veggies
-eat nuts, beans & legumes for protein
-eat starches sparingly (bread, rice, pasta, cereal…etc)
-drink full glass of water or 100% juice before and after meals
-drink only or mostly water
-listen to your body…eat what you’re craving (unless unhealthy)
-only eat when you’re hungry & finish when you’re full
-try to eat 6 small meals/day rather than 3
-concentrate on portion size:
palm of your hand is protein, entire hand is fruit & veggies, and your balled up fist is the amount of starches that counts as 1 serving each.
*keep in mind that you can also switch up a few servings of fruit & veggies in the form of juice. Some places sell juices with the amount of servings listed on the bottle. Don’t forget to choose organic 100% juice. So far I’ve lost ten lbs by using these methods WITHOUT EXERCISE. Ten more to go! Hope this helps!



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