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  1. 1. lose 15 pounds
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  2. 2. Have a threesome
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  3. 3. encourage my boyfriend more
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  4. 4. make love more often
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  5. 5. get out of debt
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  6. 6. learn to cook exotic food
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  7. 7. be healthy
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  8. 8. stop holding grudges
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  9. 9. learn hebrew
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  10. 10. Get revenge by living well.
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  11. 11. Get a new job
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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
Everyone should do this!

Did this when I was 19, the summer after my first (and last) year at the local Community College. It was incredible fun, had a lot of amazing experiences, met a lot of amazing people, saw a lot of amazing stuff. We started in San Francisco, where my road trip buddy was going to college, drove to Oregon, through much of Northern California, although it was pretty much unplanned. It was great, I highly recommend it!

learn to drive
I don't do this much anymore, but still worth it!

This was totally worth doing, although it was hard as heck! I failed the drive test a whopping SIX TIMES!!! It was just very hard for me, and my family was fairly unsupportive in helping me learn. I’m glad I got my license, it made living in California bearable, even if I don’t drive much now that I live in a city with decent public transport. A lot of employers check to see if you have a license, assuming that means you’re responsible (soooo rediculous!), and it’s nice to be able to rent a car when I go on vacation. So, very worth it!

Get a new job

My current job is driving me crazy. It’s very depressing and in a very negative company. It’s time to move on, but I find it hard to send out resumes, etc, while working the hours I do and commuting as long as I do. Ugh. I guess I just need some extra encouragement.

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