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The Mermaid Chapel (read all 31 entries…)

This goal has really gone done hill. The whole purpose of this goal is being forgotten. Can we all please get on track? I am still in the process of writing spells. If anyone needs one, you can email me or anything.

The Mermaid Chapel (read all 31 entries…)

I am not posting many entries but I am here and reading every single thing that is posted here. I wil become an active user since I have not been doing so. I also agree with what Water Spirit and KathrynsDreams have posted. Many do this in secret due to the fear of being rejected. I hope all of you will face the ramifications of what will happen if you are found out.

The Mermaid Chapel (read all 31 entries…)
I will never leave again.

To those who felt my energy, I am very happy you did. I am back on and I promise never to leave ever even though I may get angry. I sense there has been fights going on but they are long over. It is good to finally have two goddesses on now.

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