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Drop out of high school
Not even halfway thru Year 12 and OVER IT

I talked to my parents for the first time about it yesterday and talked to my careers adviser about my options today. Im in year 12 but am doing my finals over two years which is called pathways. Well, at least I was. Im half way through my first year and I cant do it anymore. I havent the health, energy or motivation to do anymore. I have ongoing health issues but despite it i gave senior highschool my all. I KNOW that i want to do a creative writing course, become an author, become some sort of editor, and basically surround myself with English for the rest of my life (you hate me right now dont you?) and battling through all these subjects is just pointless. I want to take a year off to get my act together and then probably take a course that will take me into university. Now days you dont need to complete year 12 to have a sucessful education and career. Theres a chance I’ll stay in school but it will be unlikely. The next few weeks will decide it. I dont take this all lightly. Im not bludging or being irresponsible. Its scary as hell but I think this will be the right thing for me. I never IMAGINED that I’d be a highschool dropout but there are a lot more possibilities than parents or teachers say.

Be more humble

I need to stop bitching about my life and keep in mind how blessed I am.

Go to the beach at least 15 times this Summer

I feel very sorry to anyone who came to Australia for summer. SUMMER DID NOT COME. We’ve had more summer in winter than summer in summer! Its ridiculous! Feel absolute no guilt in giving up this goal.

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