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Long day….really tired. Not sure if I want to go to the dance class I planned tonight. I mean I want to but I’m just a little burntout. So I guess we’ll see.

So, I’m thinking that it’s a matter of taking care of myself besides getting done what I want. I guess that’s what I learned. I need to make taking care of myself a priority. So if it means sleeping well, so I can get up early and go to yoga, so be it. Oh, and missing one day of Yoga or dance does NOT mean it’s the end of everything….


As Dave would say”Good Learning”

THE PATH (read all 3 entries…)

So I tried really, really hard to schedual my whole week in advance, and what I’ve learned is that it is really helpful that it makes you evaluate all the choices you have of how to spend your day….But also a little impossible. So I’ve written down some opitions on different day where I’m not just quite sure how it will all workout. But I’m feeling really good about it. I’ve made a commitment to myself to follow my schedual too. It’s not enought to just write it…now I have to do it. Well…fight the good fight!

master cleanse (read all 19 entries…)
Day 19

So it’s been tough. I’ve forgotten to take the tea for two night. (I keep falling asleep while its steeping…ARGH) oh well. So just got to get back on track. (also I had a little extra Maple Syrup the other day—think that will hurt?) My tongue still has a white stripe down the center of it. It will be amazing when it’s gone. I’m going to go for a full 30 days. So 11 left. Got to get back to being really strict about it. Ok…well…wish me luck!

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