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  1. 1. get right with God
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  2. 2. Get a tattoo
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get a tattoo that has a significant meaning
best $ I ever spent

I have a tat of a sacred heart on the small of my back. I spent a lot of time considering it, living with the design in a place where I could see it all the time, and researching an artist I was comfortable with. I’m so happy with the tattoo…and my fiance thinks it’s very sexy. A nice plus.

Fall in love
breath of life

Ah, love. It fills life with joy and changes perspectives on everything. My fiance brightens even the most frustrating day for me. All of a sudden, I want to be a better person, less selfish, more loving, kinder. I see life as though it were new. The future no longer scares me, but excites me. I have a partner, someone I will give to 100% and who will give to me 100% and everything seems possible, at our fingertips. The mundane seems extraordinary because it’s been touched by love and security and companionship. To those “looking for love”, stop the search and you will find it.

get an apple ibook

I love my ibook! Never unhappy with it. No freebie for me, but a satisfactory result of hard work and generosity of others (and credit).

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