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How to have dinner at The French Laundry
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be vegan for a month
21 days

it is said that it takes 21 days to incorporate a new behavior into habit. i gave up meat (including fish and fowl…strange that people ask me about those two) for lent and it went super swell so i kept it going after easter hit. i love meat, love love love carnitas, bbq, thanksgiving turkey, the whole shebang. but i have had a shift in consciousness. maybe it’s from all of the meditation i have been doing. i have always struggled with my enjoyment of eating meat vs. how very much i love animals, all animals, not just pets. so, now that my boyfriend is a terrific guy who happens to be vegan, when he suggested a 30-day vegan trial there was no reason to say no. maybe it will become habit after 30 days. maybe i’ll decide that local handmade organic cheese is ok. food is a personal thing so i would never begrudge anyone their choice. but for me, for now, i’m going to see how this feels.

get a dog (read all 2 entries…)
this will just need to be postponed

living in an urban area in a condo, i know people have dogs in these situations, but i think it would be cruel to be at work all day and not have a lot of time to go on long walks in the park. i will 100% not live in the city one day and when that day comes, the shelters better look out, cause i’ll be scooping me up a barking bundle of joy.

Have dinner at The French Laundry
the power of intention

Well, I think Deepak Chopra would be proud. I have had this on my list for over a year now, put the intention out there and just let it be in the background, not becoming too attached. And in true manifesting fashion, a good friend just told me she received a gift certificate to the French Laundry and would like me to accompany her. Yippee Yi Yay!

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