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be vegan for a month
21 days

it is said that it takes 21 days to incorporate a new behavior into habit. i gave up meat (including fish and fowl…strange that people ask me about those two) for lent and it went super swell so i kept it going after easter hit. i love meat, love love love carnitas, bbq, thanksgiving turkey, the whole shebang. but i have had a shift in consciousness. maybe it’s from all of the meditation i have been doing. i have always struggled with my enjoyment of eating meat vs. how very much i love animals, all animals, not just pets. so, now that my boyfriend is a terrific guy who happens to be vegan, when he suggested a 30-day vegan trial there was no reason to say no. maybe it will become habit after 30 days. maybe i’ll decide that local handmade organic cheese is ok. food is a personal thing so i would never begrudge anyone their choice. but for me, for now, i’m going to see how this feels.

get a dog (read all 2 entries…)
this will just need to be postponed

living in an urban area in a condo, i know people have dogs in these situations, but i think it would be cruel to be at work all day and not have a lot of time to go on long walks in the park. i will 100% not live in the city one day and when that day comes, the shelters better look out, cause i’ll be scooping me up a barking bundle of joy.

Have dinner at The French Laundry
the power of intention

Well, I think Deepak Chopra would be proud. I have had this on my list for over a year now, put the intention out there and just let it be in the background, not becoming too attached. And in true manifesting fashion, a good friend just told me she received a gift certificate to the French Laundry and would like me to accompany her. Yippee Yi Yay!

meditate regularly

I think I’m ready to check this off. I don’t meditate every single day, at least not the way where I light my candle, sit on my special pillow on the floor and do what I do (or be what I be) for 30 minutes straight. I practice a third eye meditation, from the Clairvision School. I have made it a habit to properly meditate a few times a week, so I consider that pretty regular. I do however do a breath exercise called The Relaxing Breath (aka 4-7-8 breathing) twice a day. To me it’s like meditation lite. I still get some of the physical benefits of meditation such as reduced stress, better dream recall, better digestion, better sleep. I still need to keep up the proper meditation because I think that brings me the most clarity and tranquility, and that’s priceless.

read every book I own
trading off

people know that i love books so very kindly gift me with fantastic books for christmas, b-days, etc. i have decided to alternate books that i read like so: 2 gifted books for every one that has been sitting so patiently on my bookshelf. i’m on gifted book #2 now (‘the wind-up bird chronicle’) and will next move on to a dave eggers book of my own (‘what is the what’). this way everybody’s happy and i’ll more quickly be able to thank the people who have been so literarily thoughtful over the years.

learn german

i was a language major and know spanish fluently, french pretty well and italian well enough for travel. now i would love to learn a non romance language. when traveling in barcelona last year i stayed with these great german girls and i would love to travel to germany and be able to speak german – somewhat at least. it’s also a huge part of the culture in my hometown, milwaukee.

float amid phosphorescence

i can’t think of anything more beautiful…

keep fit
quit the gym, got rid of tv

so this is the thing. i quit the gym about 4 months ago and really changed my whole approach to being healthy. i’ve always eaten pretty well but exercise was the missing puzzle piece. the idea of going to the gym would always hang over me and induce pangs of guilt week after week of not going and seeing my bank account be depleted. i did 2 things: 1) i quit the gym. and 2) i got rid of my tv (well, got rid of cable and i have no antenna for local channels). this was huge! i now get up almost every morning and do some kind of yoga in my living room with a teensie bit of meditation at the end. this lasts anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour or so depending on how much time i have. i do a nice walk around my neighborhood. it’s scenic with a lake and is a good 3-4 miles. i do that 3-4 times a week after work or weekends. i swim a couple times a week. i do a few official yoga classes (that kick my butt!) per week. i like running but i have pretty wonky knees…docs told me to cut it out. and in 4 months, i’ve done what i haven’t been able to do in the past 3 years (even with running a half marathon). i’ve lost 15 pounds—almost effortlessly, and my challenge is to continue the momentum of staying fit. i feel so much better. after another 6 months, i’ll mark this goal as done and done!

astral project
so close

i had a boyfriend who was not any kind of new age guy or anything, and he was able to do this! i was so fascinated, we would take naps side by side and he would try and ‘pull’ me along with him for traveling adventures. it never worked. only recently have i been able to successfully lucid dream. all that i have read about preparing to have an obe (out of body experience, or astral traveling) i think i’m close. i am alert enough to feel my muscles become ‘paralyzed’ and i feel this electric buzz all around me, but then i fall asleep or else i just… don’t.

get a dog (read all 2 entries…)
hard for a city dweller

i grew up with dogs, big dogs. i love golden retrievers and german shepherds and labs. unfortunately living in big cities all my adult life has transformed me into a surprise but dedicated cat lover. actually, i love all animals, but i am getting to a point where i really would love to have a home that’s not so citified for both my cat and a future wonderful lumbering dog. it would be a shelter/rescue dog though i can’t imagine how i’d walk out with just one. :)

travel the world
have to move this to 'done'

this is a goal that could always be on my list since there are always new and amazing places to see, but i only have one short lifetime filled with work and family responsibilities. i am very lucky to have visited many parts of the world already. i am missing africa and australia. i do think i am planning another south america visit soon (chile calls!). and i have a good feeling that australia will indeed happen in the next 5 years. cheers!

make a list of 100 things that make me happy.
Easier than I thought

1. Hugging someone I love
2. A warm bath by candlelight
3. A white peach at the peak of season
4. Being kissed on the forehead
5. Holding hands
6. Swimming in a warm, calm ocean
7. Lying in the sun on a deserted beach
8. Having someone tell me they love me
9. Sex
10. Yoga
11. Camille snuggling with me under the covers
12. The sound of crickets
13. A good hair day
14. Reading a great book
15. Red wine
16. Catching the BART right on time
17. Getting a massage
18. Hiking a beautiful trail
19. Camping
20. Laughing
21. The color blue
22. Watching fish swim
23. Surprises
24. Getting an email from someone I love
25. Getting a text message from someone I love
26. Being in love
27. Green tea
28. Sleeping next to the person I love
29. Birdsong
30. Sublime Music
31. Sunshine
32. Sleeping in
33. The smell of pine trees
34. Traveling to new exotic places
35. Feeling brave enough to take a risk
36. Beethoven
37. Puppies
38. Watching a great movie in the movie theater
39. Looking at old photographs from my life
40. Fresh flowers!
41. Snail mail from friends
42. A really good bikini wax
43. Eating healthy, fresh food
44. Finding paper money
45. Clear sinuses
46. Making someone laugh, really laugh
47. Finding a great Scrabble word
48. Clean snow
49. Losing weight
50. Talking with my grandma
51. Learning something new
52. A clean house
53. Giving gifts
54. Having someone tell me I’m beautiful
55. The sound of the ocean
56. Gazing at a star-blanketed sky
57. Having someone tell me they miss me
58. Clouds
59. Make-up
60. Witnessing a random act of kindness
61. Not having to pay for dinner out
62. Taking a beautiful photograph and having it come out
63. Trying to draw a friend even though I’m awful at drawing
64. The smell of maple trees
65. Honey
66. Watching bees go from flower to flower
67. Comfortable shoes
68. Looking at pictures of the person I love
69. The sound of chanting
70. Watching people dance who really know how to dance
71. Snorkeling
72. Being inside of a really ancient cathedral
73. Not having to check any luggage
74. Fresh cherries
75. A perfectly ripe mango
76. Feeling safe
77. Having sweet nothings whispered in my ear
78. Connecting eyes across the room with your partner
79. A perfect morsel of cheese
80. Black and white movies
81. My Mac
82. Art
83. Walking around my house naked
84. Running my tongue over sparkly clean teeth after the dentist
85. Sitting around a campfire
86. Wafts of jasmine
87. Speaking Spanish in Spain
88. Running 6 miles when I’m in shape to do it
89. Meditating
90. A pedicure
91. Mountains
92. Unspoiled nature
93. Watching hippies from afar do the things that hippies do
94. Chipmunks
95. Road trips
96. Staying in a hotel
97. Butterflies
98. Cooking for/with loved ones
99. Ginger
100.Being nice to my mom

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Day 10...Ready To Join the Eating World

It is Day 10. Whew! If it wasn’t for the SWF, I might almost say it was a piece of cake. I have been laying low at lunchtime, just staying in my office, putzing around on the putah. But today I had errands to run. It was hard to walk through busy downtown San Francisco watching everyone eat their burritos, sandwiches, salads. I felt very separate…and I am eager to join that world again. I am about to start my soup. I am going to have it tomorrow evening. Don’t think I can stand one more whole day of juice. I feel great today by the way. Light, happy, bubbly, loving life. It’s like crossing the finish line of a marathon. Keep on keeping on everyone! You can do it.

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Day 9 Better and Closer

Today was better than the last 2 days. I woke up without that pesky headache. I have plenty of energy and reserves and I feel positive and strong. It’s important to remember when you do this that you will have your up days and down days. It’s sometimes nonsensical. If you experience a day with some crabbiness, or doubt or minor aches, know that it will pass. It’s nice to have a good day!

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Day 8...Almost There

Well, it’s Day 8 today. This has not been a fun cleanse for me. I’ve done it lots of times before but this time around it seems a bit more unpleasant. A lot of that I chalk up to the fact of how darn COLD it is here. I think I picked the coldest week of the year to start, my heater isn’t great at home or at work, so I have been living in my coat and scarf trying to stave off the shivers. Today I am quite used to my commitment to continue…but I am sick of the lemonade. I don’t remember ever being this repulsed by it. I’ve also gotten a headache and added to being cold …it sucks.

But, on the good side, my skin is clear, my sleep is wonderfully deep. I’m sleeping like a rock, it’s amazing. My sense of smell is heightened sooo much! That’s good or bad depending on where you are. Not so good on the crowded BART train this morning. But wonderful walking through a farmer’s market!

I’ve been doing dry skin brushing at night and taking warm baths when I have enough time. It’s been a nice way to pamper myself..rewarding my effort and discipline. I highly suggest it.

I love reading everyone’s posts and wish good luck to those who have just started. You can do it. Just one day at a time and we all know how time flies.

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Post Cleanse- Day 3- Soup Recipe

Well, it’s day 3 post-cleanse. Every other time I have done the MC, I faithfully follow the fasting part to a T but I break it in the most horrendous way, like with a bowl of pad thai. Zoiks!

But this time I tacked on an extra 3 days in my mental countdown to include coming off of it properly. I have to say, the OJ was almost too sweet and thick. I much preferred the Grapefruit Juice. I started up on probiotics right away to replenish the good bacteria in my stomach. The Burroughs book doesn’t really state how much juice you should drink. I had about 5 smallish glasses of juice and lots of water in between. And I felt VERY weak and dizzy and had a monster headache.

But once I had the soup on day 2, I felt 100% better!

Here’s the recipe I used:

I just added a few more things like zucchini and red cabbage and fresh herbs.

I feel even better today after having the soup again for lunch, this time eating the vegetables along with the broth.

I cheer everyone in the middle of their fasts. I encourage you to muster the strength to end the fast properly. It will give you sooo much more satisfaction. Peace and luck to you all!

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Ahh...the finish line--Days 9 and 10

Today is day 10. Yee ha!

These last few days have been thankfully easy. Being so close to the end I am starting to allow myself to fantasize about really having food again. I met a friend at a bar/cafe last night and was fine just having mint tea. I was a little mellow on the energy level, and looked forward to a good night’s sleep. I had my friend bring me a few oranges from a tree in his backyard and my senses were heightened and I felt compelled to keep rubbing the orange skin and inhaling its aroma in anticipation of my first glass of OJ.

Because I got home rather late, I didn’t drink the lax tea last night. That has sort of thrown me off today so first thing upon waking I drank the lax tea. Now I’m waiting for it go through me a little before I do the SWF. It will be another few hours before I can start drinking the lemonade so my day is really off kilter. But it’s my last day and I want to clear as much out as possible, so to speak.

Some things I’ve noticed:

-My sleep is deep and my dreams are vivid and numerous.
-My skin is BABY soft. I mean I can’t stop touching it!
-My eyes are bright and I have so many people mention how nice they look. Like many, I work in front of a computer screen and suffer from dry red eyes, so this is a nice change!
-I have a renewed understanding of what my relationship with food is. For me, I have cravings that start at aout 10-11pm. I am not physically hungry but have been accustomed to try and fill some void with food. I have explored the reasons why and will be conscious about that when I start back with food.
-I worked out every day on the MC. I wanted to solidify that as a habit again and now it feels like that, a part of my day that I look forward to, not a chore.
- I lost a size and feeling better about your body is very healthy! I know that after today, I have the catalyst of knowing I can affect change to keep making the right choices for a healthier me.

To all you who are in the middle of this, YOU CAN DO IT! 10 days is only 10 days. You will feel such accomplishment by finishing the goal you set out to do. Good luck to all!

Visit Japan
Tokyo baths- not to be missed

I was in Tokyo visiting a friend about this time last year. I loved everything about it. In social situations, I found people very friendly and wonderful. The music scene and fashion was amazing!

The best thing I did was take daily baths in the local bath house. It is a very different experience for a westerner. They allowed me in despite posted signs saying no tattoos. :) It is such a community activity. Moms go with young daughters and grandmothers. There are protocols you need to follow so learn them and be respectful.

There are many different small ‘pools’ at different temperatures. Some so hot you barely can get a toe in. Others snow cold with a wooden scoop to pour the ice cold water over your shoulders. And all temps in between. At the place I went to, every day one of the bath pools was colored beautifully with scented salts. One day it was bright fuscia, another kelly green, another deep indigo, What a feast for the senses!

I can’t wait for another visit!

master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Days 5 and 6 Yowza!

So here’s something interesting. Yesterday was my day 5. I brought a container with my last 2 servings of the lemonade to work. During my lunch I happily walked to Whole Foods to replenish my depleting MC supplies. I was excited to see they had a nice big jug o’ Grade B organic maple syrup. Thanks to these posts, I also bought some agave syrup, for though I am following the booklet to the tee, I still worry about all that sugar.

So I get back to work, crank open the syrup, cut up my lemons and make enough lemonade to last me the rest of the day. I had to go to this film screening later that night. I noticed by 9pm I was really really dragging and tired. It was hard for me to concentrate. I was also feeling kinda crabby. By the time I got home I was exhausted and felt like I was going to have a tantrum or something. I was also spacey, mixed up, doing careless things. I unpacked my syrup and noticed I had inadvertently pulled a jug of Grade A off the shelf at Whole Foods. D’oh!

This is what I wonder: According to Burroughs you must use Grade B syrup because it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals intact. I wonder if by having most of calories from the ‘inferior’ Grade A syrup if I messed with my energy.

I also wonder if anyone has any idea if the agave syrup has enough of the essential vitamins and minerals.

I switched back immediately today and I feel GREAT. I mean great mood, great energy. I worked out. I’m laughing, smiling, feeling fine!

Maybe I just hit some kind of healing crisis yesterday. Maybe it was just a coincidence. But I don’t want to chance it with the ‘A’ grade syrup again.

I’d be happy to hear anyone’s experiences with the agave syrup though.


master cleanse (read all 7 entries…)
Cramping with tea--tips

I am currently on day 4 of the MC. I will be going for 10 days this time…maybe 14 depending. I have been doing this cleanse for about 10 years. There are 2 necessary evils, one is the laxative tea (I use bulk senna leaves) and the other the salt flush. This time around, dreading the cramping I always get from the tea I did some research and found a tip that has really helped:

1)When you make the tea, let it cool to room temperature before you drink it.

2)Try adding a little bit of fresh ginger to reduce the cramping.

3)When you drink the tea, take it in small sips. Don’t gulp it down all in one fell swoop.

I have incorporated these changes this time around and so far so good, no cramping!



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