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Bringing peace through music
Soothing Music

Listen to soothing instrumental music to lower blood pressure and relax. Instrumental music does not trigger as many memories as music with lyrics so it is better for use in hospitals and for general relaxation.
I perform instrumental acoustic guitar in local hospitals several times a week. I did this 5 days a week for two years in an outpatient chemotherapy unit. The affects are amazing. This should be offered in hospitials all over. If you are a musician I reccomend doing this as a volunteer. This is another way to practice gratitude in your daily life.
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Practice Gratitude Daily
Gratitude Beads 101

We feel it is very important to practice gratitude EVERY day so much we created Gratitude Beads 101.
We use them as a counting device EVERY DAY. Within a week everyone that uses then starts seeing amazing results. This even happens after one use for many people.
Whatever you use, please start counting your blessings once a day or more.
Thanks for the great website.
Frank & Heidi Smith


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