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  1. 1. stopp being passive aggressive
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  2. 2. repair my marriage
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  3. 3. not be passive aggressive
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not be passive aggressive
destroying all i touch

i am heading towards a major turning point in my life. For some that would be a great thing. Something sought after.The cross roads that I have come to however is much more perilous and frieghtning.
I am a passive aggressive person, with a passive aggressive personality and all if the short falls that come with it. Mortal fear of confrontation, especially one that i cannot control, feeling of resentment that often boils over and hurts the one person that i care about the most in this world.Actually the only thing I have ever cared about enough to see my problem.
I dont know exactly how long i have been this way but it seems like a lifetime, all my short lifetime.I dont really understand how i became this way either. I do k ow that it hurts. It hurts badly and it makes me want to hurt like I hurt.
Theres a lot that i dont know at the moment. But I do know that I am at that cross road.I am ready to put it all down. am ready to feel.


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