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  1. 1. i want to be a hero
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  2. 2. save the world
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  3. 3. become a werewolf
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  4. 4. meet hot emos (Perferbalbly girls)
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  5. 5. meet other emos
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  6. 6. Make Emo friends!
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  7. 7. be a hero
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  8. 8. lose my emotions
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be a hero

hi everyone
Did u guys hear about the few groups of heros?
They dnt do stuff like in the movies but they are a huge inspriation to me. They feed the homeless and break up street fights. P.S I wuld have never though of feeding the homeless people i wuld have just given them money to get a new place and check up on them once in a while.) If u r interested they are called the rain city movement and they are plety of them. They are happy to let anyone join them.
P.S Is it wrong for me to be like catwoman? Half good/ bad

Make Emo friends!

sup every1. I’m kind of bored with the normals and i’m looking for other emos to hang out with and mabe more but yea. I dnt have a facebook but if u want to talk hit me up at


save the world

hey guys i have been wondering if anyone would love to join my group. I’m the only member but I think it might have lots of potential. I don’t trust giving all my info away becus the higher powers culd be reading this but anyone can join. No matter who you are or how much experience you have.

My own application:
Location (Optinal)
Staff fighting
hacking (somewhat still in training)
Master Deciver

(Right now I’m trying to recruit members for the future)
Oh and tell me your names ( super hero names)

Note: Even if you don’t live anywher near me why not be global?


I want to:
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