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I edited my friend's poetry book manuscript & didn't charge her

because she & her husband have hosted me free two or three times when I’ve attended our favorite poetry workshop with them – a week each time.

So she’s very grateful & has invited me to stay with them again this June. I would so love to go! I could eke out enough vacation days. But the flight is another expense, & I’m not yet sure how the curriculum debacle will be resolved – I might need to be working hard on it then.

Must think hard about this . . .

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Ghazals & upcoming birthday

So besides the Vancouver trip to celebrate my 60th, I want to have a garden party with local family & friends later in July.

At a recent poetry workshop, a Pakistani American poet talked about ghazals & shared some of her own. She explained about the traditional performance of ghazals: in a gathering of poets, a lit candle is set in front of one poet, who proceeds to recite ghazals, & those present chime in on the repeated phrase that ends each couplet. So I immediately decided I would have to host a ghazal party. I think the garden party will involve ghazals (so I hope a lot of my poet friends will come, as well as others), & we’ll have libations & enthusiastic shouting out of the repeated phrases.

Perhaps I’ll have to write a set of ghazals that all end with “sixty.” :-)

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Our public radio taping is tomorrow!

I am really excited, & a little nervous. I’ve done interviews with these people numerous times in the past, so I’m not worried about that. It’s that M is recuperating from a flu that laid him low (in bed) for four days last week. I am praying that he has the energy to communicate his passion & awe for the people we met in Colombia – & that I do as well!

I’m taking a personal day, because I get to see my spiritual director in the morning (a monthly appointment); the interview is in the afternoon; & in the evening I have dinner & poetry critique with my two closest poet friends. It should be a wonderful day!

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