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  1. 1. get a job
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  2. 2. Graduate
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  3. 3. drink less coffee
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  4. 4. spend less time on facebook
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  5. 5. write poetry
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  6. 6. eat less sweets
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  7. 7. take a walk every day
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  8. 8. write a novel
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  9. 9. contribute to wikipedia
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  10. 10. Be fluent in Italian
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  11. 11. move to italy
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  12. 12. Volunteer
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  13. 13. Get rid of the things I don't use
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  14. 14. Learn Lithuanian
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  15. 15. learn finnish
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  16. 16. dream lucidly
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  17. 17. write my thesis
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  18. 18. spend less time online
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  19. 19. take up painting
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  20. 20. Start my own business
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  21. 21. Take a photo every day
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  22. 22. learn german
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  23. 23. write a short story.
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  24. 24. participate in a fencing competition
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  25. 25. Learn Spanish
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How I did it
How to stop procrastinating
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7 days
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very content

How to keep a notepad of awesome moments
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1 year
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take a walk every day (read all 2 entries…)
So far so good

I can’t say I’m taking a walk every single day, but I do it very often and it’s easier as I now walk home from work (about 4km). I try to go for a walk on weekends too and it’s not that difficult as I usually listen to my favourite music during these walks.

It has ben suggested that among other things, physical activity helps to prevent depression. I don’t know if it’s the long autumn, vitamin D capsules, walking or all of the abovementioned together, but this year I have very successfully avoided the winter blues

Be fluent in Italian

Fluency in a foreign language is a life-long project so I’m afraid that when it comes to pressing the “I’m done” button here on the 43things site, it’ll take years.

However, I’m quite pleased with myself because I have climbed over a big obstacle, something i was afraid of for some time.
I have used Italian to do a tourist tour in my home city where I usually work as an English language guide.

This is so significant because usually when speaking in Italian, I’m always the passive one – the native speakers speak, I listen and when they turn to me I get to answer. This time I was the active part, I was giving a monologue or even a sort of a lecture.

There is still a lot to improve when it comes to my language skills, but the tourists left happy and they did understand me all throughout the 3-hour tour.


move to italy
the dilemma

The italian family i worked for as an au-pair has asked me if i’d want to spend this summer with them. I liked the kids, but looking after them was everything but a piece of cake.
I could earn some money, I could spend the summer in Tuscany and this time I’d probably be more relaxed and experienced with the kids.

But I have a great summer job. It pays a little less, but it’s much more fun. I would be free to come and go as i please whereas in the Tuscany summer house I’d depend on the family to give me car rides to the train or elsewhere. In the summer house i’d basically be with the kids for 24h a day 6 days a week….

But the house is in a lovely are with a semi-private beach.
But there is no freedom to come and go or do my own things
But it’d be Italy
But i’d be far from home and friends
But being in Italy is much more interesting than being here
But it’s very hot over there in the summer

I have to decide very soon, but it’s difficult. Both options have a lot of great things about them and… also some negative factires

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