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  1. 1. rid the world of script kiddies
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  2. 2. rid the world of scummy people
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  3. 3. live instead of exist
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  4. 4. learn C++
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rid the world of script kiddies
Script kiddies

You know ‘em
The kids who go out and see Hackers or Wargames and think “Hey! I want to be an elite hacker, too!” Then they go out and download the latest version of L0phtcrack and Subseven and think they are on top of the computer world. Well, they are not hackers. They are script kiddies who will either get bored with it or become warez pirates/crackers if they are lucky.

Learn how to hack
I know how

Knowing how to hack isn’t as easy as reading a text and downloading tools. You have to learn how it works and make some of your own tools. I am willing to help someone do this.


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