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  1. 1. what wolf am i
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  2. 2. have nice hair
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  3. 3. win the lottery
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  4. 4. travel around the world and help animals in need.
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  5. 5. Travel the world looking at animals
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  6. 6. find my spirit guide
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  7. 7. Meet my spirit guide
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  8. 8. i want a wolf spirit guide
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  9. 9. have sex
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  10. 10. live on a farm
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  11. 11. go to the rainforest
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  12. 12. see the northern lights
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  13. 13. be succesful
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  14. 14. find my wolf gauide
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travel around the world and help animals in need.
Help the animals

I would like to travel around the world looking at endangered animals and animals in need of help. I would like to travel to different places like africa, the rainforest, alaska and many more places i would like to see animals like, tigers, wolves, lions, green mamba snakes, polar bears and loads more :D xx

find my spirit guide

I always wanted a spirit guide and wondered how to find one or how it could find me.People were saying to meditate and stuff but all i did was imagine an animal in my dream and drawing an outline around its face. It was a wolf i dont no what markings or colour it was but i saw it standing on the edge of a rock and its fur ruffling in the wind when suddenly it turned its head looked at me and i heard a voice say somthing but i didnt figure out what it said and while i tried to work out what it had said i woke up and i dont no if i will see it again but i really hope so has anyone got any advice on what is happening to me ?

live on a farm

When im older i really want to live on an old farm in the country side over looking a beautiful view. I want my farm to have lots of land and fields also i would have to have 2 horses cause i love horses and riding, 2 dogs, chikens and african runner ducks. Maybe even a pig and cows!i would really like it to have a big red barn and a pond with carp in. Oh wouldnt it be great :D xx

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