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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. be a teacher
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  3. 3. make 2007 my best year yet
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  4. 4. Move to New York City
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lose weight (read all 49 entries…)

im depressed…i feel like i’ll never be happy until im skinny

lose weight (read all 49 entries…)
*Wed, 05/09/07

i actually got down into the 120s!!! even if it is at the very end…129, lol…yay! thats good motivation to keep this up! :)

*B: 1 HB egg w/salt, 1 slice wheat toast
*S: 1 cup SF jello
*L: chicken pita (same as yest.)

lose weight (read all 49 entries…)
*Tuesday, 05/08/07

*B: 1 hardboiled egg w/salt, 1 slice wheat toast
*S: 1 cup sugar-free strawberry jello
*L: homemade chicken pita: whole wheat 1/2 pita, chicken breast pieces, lettuce, tomato, reduced-fat mayo, brown spicy mustard, yellow mustard..yum!
*S: edamame w/salt
*D: tofu, lettuce, dried seaweed, hot paste
*1 1/2 cups white wine
*Gym: 1 hour spin, 30 min weights
*Weight: 129 lbs!!! havent been in the 120s forevers!!!

NO BINGEING TODAY! no eating in secret…i am going to go to the gym and push myself to work hard, and im going to eat small and healthy meals…

the weather is super hot here in cali and i love it! feels like summer is coming…its good bc its motivation for me to freakin push myself and lose this dang weight…ive been carrying it around for too long and complaining about it and doing yo yo dieting forevers…and i just had a bday last month and i feel the same way i felt about myself last year…time to take charge of my life…my self-esteem and the way i look!!!

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