Pay my truck off within a year
Nissan Frontier

Oh how I love my truck!! Hopefully, by this date next year, I can take my title from the bank and put it in my own hands!!

Become a United States Marine
Semper Fi

OOOORAH!! The best decision of my life. I learned lessons on life that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

find true love

I found her in 4th grade, we were best friends until we started dating during our senior year of high school (02-03) and we’re still together, soulmates.

Donate blood
Save a Life

I donated for the first time, by force, I was in boot camp. It makes your body feel good though, I kept doing it, now I can’t because of medical conditions, but it’s worth it to know that you just saved someone’s life.

Quit thinking I think too much and embrace my thought process
Not a bad thought

It was refreshing to see all of these entries from people who think, alot, alot more than most people think. It makes me feel like maybe my many, many thoughts are gold in my own right. anywho, I think I’m gonna go think about this whole thinking thing. :)

Get rid of junk that I don't need/use
Go away junk

I tell myself every week, “I’m gonna go through that box of stuff”, or “I swear, tomorrow, I’m gonna go down to the storage shed and clean it out.” Yet, it doesn’t get done, this goes along with I WANT TO STOP PROCRASTINATING SO MUCH!!!

tell someone I love them
My girl

I tell her everyday that she is very loved!!!! She is!!



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