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  1. 1. learn to like coffee
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  2. 2. eat more sushi
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  3. 3. wear my contacts more
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wear my contacts more
I got contacts Monday.

I like that I can wear sunglasses and such. I have horrible astigmatisms, so I have to have the ones that rotate every time I blink to smooth out the bump, but I can feel them in because they are so uneven. My parents are considering Lasik, but thats frightens the pee out of me. I think I look funny without my glasses on. My eyes look smaller and I guess I’m just used to that area being “busier” if you will.

eat more sushi
I need to branch out.

I eat crunchy shrimp rolls (inside out) every time I step into a Japanese restaurant. I go often. They are delicious, and I love them, and I will betray them if I move to something else. All it is is cooked shrimp & cucumber, in an inside out roll (rice is on the outside) and then theres sesame seeds on the outside. Sometimes they put the little rice puffs on the outside … but thats real nasty cause they get soggy. I don’t like the overwhelming fish taste, so I prefer shrimp. I rarely eat California Rolls, because I don’t like roe.

learn to like coffee
I need to like coffee.

Im so tired all of the time. I cant help but to go to sleep until 11 or 12 ish which is probably the problem, but when I get home I fall asleep because I sit down to take a break from school, and then I wake up late and can’t go to sleep until midnight. Its a chain reaction. Booo.


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