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own a horse
Patience...And yes, more patience.

I’ve dreamed about getting a horse for 9 years now (almost 10). For a long time I begged for riding lessons, since we lived in a town and I knew we had nowhere to keep one. My mom had lessons and she doesn’t even LIKE horses. But, I never got them.
Then I found out we were moving to KY gasp the horse capitol of the world! Ha. Seriously, it sounded more exciting than it is. I had hoped we’d move to a place with lots of land, but it turned out to be a rented place in the city. Blah. The basement was infested with crickets, too.
I know we’ll move again, and I hope it will be soon, because I’m getting a horse one day no matter what. Reading everything I can find about them just isn’t the same.
If my dad has a total cow about it, I’ll tell him one big animal is enough. xD
I realize this is very looooong which I apologize for, but there were two horses in a field by our house before we moved. Their owner lived in another town, so me and my friends would sneak over there with carrots and a brush I found in the garage. It was awesome. They never got groomed, so I brushed ‘em real good. There were two halters hanging on the fence (that never got used) so one day I was feeling bold and put one of them on Drifter and led him around. I went faster, he went faster. It was the most amazing feeling ever!
Then these people who lived nearby got home. Afraid of getting caught, my friends and I got out of there fast. The next time we went the halters were gone. :(
I met their owner once, and apparently Drifter was known for biting people! He seemed nice enough.
But for now all I can do is pray, save up my money, and wait. Wait, wait, wait.

P.S. I found an old leather halter in my grandma’s barn. I have it hanging in my room and it will get used someday. ;^D


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