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Actually Use Deviant Art
And I do well!

I have an art account and a photo account!

Find a rental that takes pets
No one takes pets...

I am going to either find a rental home in my price range that accepts my pets or move away from this snobby town. NO ONE will rent to me because I have a small dog (HOUSE TRAINED!) and a cat. I am so mad.
I will not give up my pets just to move into a different home.
I am going to continue to look but if all else fails by summer I am going to move to FL.

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I am so tired of waiting

I have to get through Christmas and January…then I’ll have the money to move.
I am going to get boxes this week and start packing next weekend. At least I’ll be ready when it is time to go.
I am debating between low-income housing in the city or a rural location for less so I can afford gas to go to work.
We should be better off if we can find a place with a washer and drier. Thats realy important.

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