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Hemmery's Life List

  1. 1. go to bed earlier. and get up earlier.
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  2. 2. get married
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  3. 3. get my sociology degree
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  4. 4. become a teacher
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  5. 5. move in together
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  6. 6. hug my grandma more
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  7. 7. re-learn french
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  8. 8. travel Europe with some one I love
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  9. 9. volunteer in Thailand
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  10. 10. go to a gig
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  11. 11. never drink alcohol again
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  12. 12. Adopt a baby
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  13. 13. get my tattoo
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  14. 14. Get a vfifty award
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  15. 15. see the aurora borealis
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  16. 16. stop being a push over
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move in together

So within the next 24 hours my flat will be invaded by G , as she got a job in brighton, Yay! xx At first come a little excitement… Then FEAR! mind numbing, paralyzing fear! What if it ruins our relationship? Can we handle it? If we can are you going to get to comfortable with each other and not have sex anymore? all these questions, mainly the latter, freaked me out and kept me from sleeping last night… Tonight, The only thing i can think is ‘This is probably going to be the last time i sleep along for a long time’ and that feels damned good. I am looking forward to when she comes tomorrow, to OUR flat xx

get a job I enjoy
Ohhh yeah!

G got an interview at a childrens clothes shop today :D and H has an administrator interview on thursday, after ages things seem to be looking up.. yay! xx

have a lesbian threesome
After pondering this for a while

We decided, just no. Let’s face it, we’re busy enough with each other, another person would just get in the way lol :P
H & G

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