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Heregoes2009's Life List

  1. 1. Finish "Atlas Shrugged"
    20 people
  2. 2. be in the studio audience of "the price is right"
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    12 people
  3. 3. spend a week in total isolation
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    2 people
  4. 4. learn to score a baseball game
    2 people
  5. 5. Learn how to score bowling.
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  6. 6. go to brazil
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    365 people
  7. 7. improve at chess
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    9 people
  8. 8. Learn Portuguese
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    1,260 people
  9. 9. Improve my posture
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    2,729 people
  10. 10. go to the monaco grand prix
    33 people
  11. 11. See Chromeo live in concert
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  12. 12. watch all episodes of the sopranos
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    76 people
  13. 13. Write every day
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    1,002 people
  14. 14. finish a Sunday NYT crossword
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  15. 15. run with the bulls in Pamplona
    361 people
  16. 16. learn photoshop
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    1,533 people
  17. 17. ride in a first class seat on an airplane.
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    2 people
  18. 18. Travel on the Trans Siberian Railway
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    73 people
  19. 19. learn to play Bridge
    55 people
  20. 20. shoot a buffalo
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  21. 21. learn to ride a motorcycle
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    1,957 people
  22. 22. Win the Lotto
    2 cheers
    328 people
  23. 23. Learn how to meditate
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    281 people
  24. 24. see bruce springsteen in concert
    12 people
  25. 25. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    21,522 people
  26. 26. Write a will
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    765 people
  27. 27. pay off my student loans
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    3,012 people
  28. 28. Read all the books on the BBC Big Read Top 100
    563 people
  29. 29. watch the Top 100 movies
    1,308 people
  30. 30. get a law degree
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    98 people
  31. 31. learn how to drive stick-shift
    4,449 people
  32. 32. read proust
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    80 people
  33. 33. Drive across the country in a convertible
    7 people
  34. 34. drive on the autobahn
    183 people
  35. 35. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  36. 36. p90x
    87 people
  37. 37. Begin and end each day with a thanks for my blessings
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sell my house
Showing Today

Had a showing today; their agent called my agent, and they want to make an offer tomorrow. If it’s anywhere near my asking price, I’m going to take it.

Visit the Badlands
Worth it.

I was drunk at a wedding and promised some relatives on the West coast that I’d come visit them this summer. In the spirit of a quote attributed to Hemingway, I’m trying to follow through on (good) things I promise to do when I’m drunk.

But I digress; I take a week and drive a few thousand miles by myself. On the list: Mt. Rushmore, Great Salt Lake, and a few others. I did not accomplish those first two, although I still hope to.

I did camp in the Badlands, specifically the campsite there, which as I understand it is owned by the Feds but operated by a 3rd party. There were flush toilets and sinks and everything. It cost maybe 15 bucks to get into the park, and probably another 15 or so to camp. The pass for the park is good for up to a week.

I finished setting up my tent, and drank a beer as I watched the sun set.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and although it was a short walk from my tent to the restroom, I did what nature wired me to do, and let it go outside the tent. I looked up and saw the most beautiful sky. I had never really seen the Milky Way so vividly before, but with little interference from big city lights (South Dakota=no big cities) all the stars just seemed to burst out of the sky.

The next day, I woke up and packed up. I took the “long” way out of the park, which is through the park, and along with the Indian songs on the public radio station, it was a pretty cool experience to drive through and wonder at both the geological and social history that this place holds

improve at chess

One of my earliest memories is of my dad and me both learning to play chess. I was probably around 9 years old. I know he bought the set for me at Target, and we spent a rainy Saturday both learning to play. I kept the pieces in a Coleman Thermos that was missing the lid. We both learned the rules, and that was about it.

I got pretty good in college, in one strange semester when my entire fraternity house took up playing chess. The last several times I have played, it has been after months of not playing, and I lost terribly.

I recently purchased a well-used Windows laptop for the purpose of installing Chessmaster, and some language of Rosetta Stone TBA, though I’m trying to decide between Portuguese and Spanish at the moment.

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