♥ Part Deux ♥ 2014 is our year to FLOURISH!!!♥

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This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

Started making Lemoncello today. My dining room and kitchen smelled wonderful as I was zesting lemons and oranges. I made lemonade with the leftover lemons and bagged orange slices for snacks with the leftover oranges.

I got this red wing crock out of the trailor (from the Lake Montezuma house) and planted it after finding a good home for it on the back patio.

schedule daily goals I can accomplish (read all 126 entries…)

1) Buy EverClear at BevMo
2) Zest a gazillion Lemons (Lemoncello!)
3) Call those annoying people
4) Get giant crock from trailor and move to backyard
5) Find something to plant in said giant crock
6) Get shock for pool

Loose 23 pounds so that my weight on my Driver's License is actually my true weight and then get a new picture for my license (read all 13 entries…)
Still stuck at 11 pounds to go

This goal has been here far too long. I need to kick this goal’s ass . . .

schedule daily goals I can accomplish (read all 126 entries…)

Today I started out with one goal. I was going to clean up my front porch and back patio. In the process of doing so I realized that they have both been “the same” for a really long time. Today I think it’s time to mix things up a bit. Moving things around. Moving things to new locations. Going to move the kitchen garden from the back to the front (which is closer to the kitchen anyway) Sometimes change feels good!

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

A class on growing tomatoes today at Southwest Gardener and a good afternoon with Rob as we poured over Italian Cookbooks that I found at the VNSA booksale last weekend. He is Italian (his family reigns from Sicily) The cookbooks were beautiful and the oompany was awesome!

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

I spent the whole day with my friend Jamie. Haven’t spent time with her since my Mother’s funeral

Do the 52 Week Money Challenge in 2014 (read all 5 entries…)
Paid my puggie bank through week 9

which is the end of February. $45 in the puggie bank. It ewill be hardfer later on to pay in advance as the totals go up each week, but right now it is not a big deal.

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

Watching Game of Thrones with Mr. HC and eating junk food in bed. We are starting Game of Thrones from the beginning so we will be a few days/nights doing this. Game of Thones marathon and snuggling with Mr. HC ad the dogs. Good for a girl’s soul!!!

The junk food part goes against several of my other goals here, but was certainly good for my mental health if only temporarily so.

become PADI certified (read all 2 entries…)
The shop Mr. HC has been doing business with

changed locations. I went to the shop today with Mr. HC to check it out and talk about signing up for the first class. Pobably will be at the end of March.

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

Both of the Danes got baths tonight. They were long over due. It takes both Mr. Hc and I to do it. They feel so good when they are clean. I can’t stop petting them (which they have no issue with)

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

This is the total we were told this afternoon that we made at the 58th annual VNSA Book Sale.

VNSA is a volunteer group which has absolutely ZERO paid memebers. We work all year long towards this book sale which is held on the third weekend of February. This year was our 58th year.

All the proceeds are donated to various non-profits within our county. The two main agencies that ar supported every year at Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa county and Friends of Foster Children. We have some other agencies that we support, although on a much smaller scale.

We only have about 150 actual members. That is a lot of money raised by 150 people!

There's something I wanted to say... (read all 9 entries…)
Mr. HC is always calling me an "F'n Hippie"

He doesn’t understand why I do things for strangers. He doesn’t understand why I spend so much of my time volunteering for VNSA. (which supports various literacy programs in Maricopa County) He doesn’t understand why I would spend time making Little dresses for Africa. Why do I care about people in Africa he asked? Why do I care about “x y & z” (fill in the blanks on issues I care about)

I finally told him this weekend that if I don’t do anything good in the world that I cannot expect anything good to happen to me. The End. That’s how I feel. I have to do good or I will never receive anything good. I have cared all my life about things other than myself and I will not stop now. It has worked so far . . . after all the Universe did bring him to me . . .

So this weekend I finally said what I had to say and that I didn’t want to hear anymore about it. I hardly ever say anything when he gets on this tangent, but this weekend I did, I care because I care and because you (Mr HC) don’t want to care, I might have to do twice as many things. Deal with it Mr. HC!!! When I met him, I didn’t understand why he would be intrested in me. I mean he was all of that. Young, attractive, in really good physical shape, fun . . . and I was a middleaged woman with 3 kids . . . what the heck. He told me that he was very intrigued by me because I was the complete opposite of his life. I was kind and caring and that was something he really never experienced. So here I am, kind and caring, the thing that attracted him to me and now he rags on me about it.

It felt good to actually tell him that. Not that he doesn’t do good things, he just thinks that I do too many good things. I think he might do too few. Don’t get me wrong, he does do volunteer work, but it is ALWAYS for the humane society. He will work like a crazy man at the Humane Society, but he seems thinks my stuff is pointless. It all matters Mr. HC

Air cleared!

February Bootcamp 2014: Great 28! (read all 5 entries…)
Half way through the month already and . . .

It hasn’t really been great, nor has it been not great. I had some kind of flu bug early last weeek which out me behind in my normal chores. Today I have to catch up on laundry and house cleaning. I love my dogs, they bring so much love into our lives, but also so much dust and dog hair!!! If I don’t stay on top of it, it takes over our world.

My daughter was here from Flagstaff over the weekend but I didn;t get to spend much time with her as I was already committed to the VNSA book sale. I was and am glad however, that I was able to give her a comfortable place to stay while she was in town. I regret that I didnl;t get to spend more face time with her though.

Mr HC and I are planning to go out on the dinghy again this week. We had so much fun when we did that earlier this month. Must get all my work done so that I can do this “guilt-free” this week. The day out on the lake did wonders for Mr. HC’s overall attitude which often takes on a gloom and doom persona. Love that grumpy man!!!

Stop holding on to the things that clutter my home and my life (read all 66 entries…)
I have some stuff that I just can never decide what to do with

like the sheet music from when I took piano lessons when I was 9 years old. When I was working the VNSA booksale this weekend I realized that this was a good place to donate it too. People were buying sheet music new and old like crazy.

I noted a few other things that I can donate as well. Like all the DVDs that never sold at the yard sale and a few board games that we have laying around that we do not play.

I need to remember some of the other things that I saw being sold there and get them over to the warehouse.

Wish Molliemoonlight a super California-dreamin,' Wicked Lady dining and takin' Cinderella to the ball Happy Birthday on 15 February 2014 so dazzling that she achieves all of this week's goals (and has fun, too)!
I love a California Dreamin' Birthday

and I am glad that you ar having one!!! Hope all the fun lasts the whole year through!!!

Help Lob celebrate her birthday in style by wishing her a super NYC birthday with at least one scrummy vegan meal out; a dash or two of Broadway; and maybe even a geocache :)
Happy Birthday LOB!!!!

No sense in saying that I hope you have a wonderful birthday because I KNOW that you are!!! What better way to spend your day than to spend it in New York doing fabulous things!!!

Sew 43 dresses for "Little Dresses for Africa" (read all 5 entries…)
Got all my materials together to start this

and find that my sewing machine is not working properly. It is now in the shop waiting to be serviced. The guy said it would be up to 2 weeks as they are backed up . . . crap

I did take my scissors to be sharpened as well. Might as well get it all done at once.

Allow the Universe to provide me with exactly what I need (read all 29 entries…)
My husband is a bit hard to get through to sometimes

The most serious problem we have between us is money. I try to save, he tries to spends. He never understands why we have no money . . . uhm, because you spent it my dear!!!

He bought this book over the weekend that a guy wrote about living full time on his sailboat. It was a KINDLE book for $3.99 so no real harm to the budget, but get this . . . Mr. HC wants me to read the book because in the book the guy details all of his preparation towards obtaining this goal . . . which includes heavy emphasis on paying off debt and saving money!!! WHOA, what a concept!! Now Mr. HC insists that I read the book so that we can get on track. What a funny guy!!

But I am truly grateful for the Universe putting that KINDLE book in our path. I am not able to get through to MR. HC on financial matters, but evidently some stranger was via KINDLE.

Thank you Universe!!!

Volunteer my time on a regular basis in 2014 (read all 3 entries…)
This weekend is the 58th annual VNSA booksale

This is the event that we work towards all year long. I am scheduled to work 2 full shifts both days.

I need ENERGY!!!!!

This good thing happened today... (read all 232 entries…)

My first day out this week. I have had the flu, but I had a committment I had to take care of today and fortunately I was able to pull myself together.

I had to be at the state fairgrounds for a couple hours in preparation for the VNSA booksale this weekend. If you have 50 or more volunteer hours for the year yoiu earn the opportunity to shop prior to the sale.

I found some good cookbooks and some good sailing books. Mr. HC was impressed witht hte sailing books. One of them I had placed in my Amazon cart and it had been there for a long time. It was $30 and I was holding off. I got it yesterday at the sale for $6. WOOT!!!

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