♥ Part Deux ♥ 2014 is our year to FLOURISH!!!♥

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List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 38 Freecycle

I learned about Freecycle on 43T. I signed up on my local Freecyle Board, but there was a ton of drama there.

I left unimpressed, but I know it works for a lot of people. I just didn’t have the patience for it.

List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 37 Be a Succulent Wild Woman

or at least remember how it is done!!!

HarmonyGirl who unfortunately is no longer active on 43T was at her local Curves facility one day and saw a Succulent Wild Woman poster. She came home and created a goal: Be a Succulent Wild Woman. A gazillion of us joined the party. We all traded ideas and let each other know what made us feel “succulent” and what did’t. Although I no longer have this goal and neither does Harmony, I noted that 104 peole still do!

I had a pretty succulent past, the goal helped me remember a few things I had forgotton ;)

schedule daily goals I can accomplish (read all 126 entries…)
02/23/2011 - Wednesday

1) Call Dude
2) Finish Laundry
3) Make Home Check Assignments for APARN
4) Check out FNMA Appraisal Site
5) Check out VA Appraisal Site
6) Wells Fargo Account Thingy
7) TOP CHEF It was good!!!

make a list of 43 special memories from my childhood. (read all 3 entries…)
# 4 The Corn Field

When we moved to Tempe, AZ to the house my mother is still in, we were on the very edge of Tempe. Right behind our neighborhood, where the freeway is now, there was nothing but corn fields as far as the eye could see.

I remembered one time when I was growing up (don’t remember what grade) there was a story in my reading book about some kids that got lost in a cornfield and the adults had to send out a search party for the kids who were lost.

We had this great idea that we would get ourselves lost in the cornfields behind our sub-division. We tried really hard to get lost but evidently we have this natural internal compass that would not allow us to get all mixed up and lost. We were spinning ourselves around, going blind fold, leading each other and then running. Always found our way back out easily.

Later, I relized that the really stupid part about this whole plan was that no one knew that we were going to be in the cornfields, so how would the adults know to form a search party when we got lost?

We were kind of stupid!

make a list of 43 special memories from my childhood. (read all 3 entries…)
# 3 My Grandmother's Rugs

I had a Grandma and a Grandmother. My Grandmother was my Dad’s Mother. She did not like to be called “Grandma”

Grandmother sewed a lot. My Mom used to give her our old clothes when we could no longer wear them and she would tear them into strips and them make rag rugs out of them.

I remember us all laying on the floor and studying each and every rug noting which blouse or shorts of ours were not in this rug or that rug. For some reason that was really fun to us.

List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 36 Do things in groups of 43

As a direct result of being associated with 43T, I find that I have been doing a lot of things in groups (or sets) of 43. Give 43 Micro Loans through KIVA. Get rid of 43 peices of clothing from my wardrobe. Get rid of 43 household items etc.

43 is the perfect number!!! It can be challenging, but not necessarily overwhelming.

List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 35 Help Lucky Luke with his survey

Lucky Luke is LOB’s son and he was doing a survey for his online communications class and asked people to answer one simple survey question which was:

What do you value most in your llife?
rank these from 1-10, with 1 being the most important and 10 being least important.

List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 34 Participate in Post Crossing

I heard about Post Crossing through 43T and participated for a short while. Had I not been on 43T, I do not know that I would have evewr heard of Post Crossing

List 43 things I have done as a result of being on 43T (read all 43 entries…)
# 33 Write out a bit of Richardson’s “Clarissa” so people can .

see my handwriting. A whole bunch of us did this and I did it on my previous account. I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t been a part of 43T

Have a frugal February (read all 10 entries…)
I was worried for no reason

I got dressed to go to Office Max and looked at my email one more time before I left. Seems that my ship has come in . . . twice in one day!!!

1) I just won the “EuroMillion” Lottery
2) Mr Gram West has just notified me that he is forwarding me my $8.6 million dollar check via courier as soon as I get my info to him.


Have a frugal February (read all 10 entries…)
Have spent very little money this month

Except for Gas and one trip to the grocery store. The rest of the month I have been using what is in my pantry and in my freezer. Hard to spend money when you have none! That’s as Frugal as you can get.

Right now I just got an appraisal consultation order from RELS (Wells Fargo), however, now I have to go to Office Max and get some paper for my printer as I am out. I might just get one or two packages instead of the entire box that I normally get. I will have to think about this on the way there.

Give 10,000 cheers (read all 3 entries…)
only 253 to go

Making good progress

Have to think if I want it to go randomly to someone or if I want to “target” someone!

keep track of all the books i read in 2011 (read all 50 entries…)
#13 - Eggsecutive Orders by Julie Hyzy

This is the third book in the White House Mystery Series and the series just gets better and better. I am really liking this writer. She keeps me interested the entire book and gives a back-stage look at the White House as well. All of the books have recipes at the end which are related to each of the plots. Thois one has recipes for Eggcellent Eggs..


In her third adventure, Olivia Paras, the first female White House Chef, just wants to focus on her job: cooking for the president’s family, preparing state banquets, and getting ready for the annual Easter egg roll. However, when one of the guests at a state dinner dies, everything changes: Olivia and her staff are banned from the kitchens. Her boyfriend, Tom MacKenzie, part of the Secret Service’s presidential detail, has been assigned to keep Olivia from meddling in the investigation. Her mother and grandmother are about to arrive for their first visit to Washington, D.C.,

schedule daily goals I can accomplish (read all 126 entries…)
02/22/2011 - Tuesday

1) Re-Schedule Mom’s appointment with Dr. Burns
2) Schedule appt for Mom with East Valley Hearing Center
3) Pay Mr. HC’s Traffic Ticket (online
4) Bank
5) Finish Laundry
6) Grocery Store
7) Office Max
8) Make Home Check Assignments for APARN

schedule daily goals I can accomplish (read all 126 entries…)
02/21/2011 - Monday

1. Clean the Koi Pond
2. Laundry
3. Clean the Kitchen
4. Grocery Store

Have a Moderate March (read all 7 entries…)
Moderate March

(adj) moderate – being within reasonable or average limits; not excessive or extreme

I have no choice but to have a “Moderate March” I will however, try to have fun with it.

make a list of 43 special memories from my childhood. (read all 3 entries…)
I like this . . .going to do it!!!

For some reason (maybe because yesterday was her birthday) one of the first things that popped into my head when I saw this goal was about my Mother.

When I was about 7, we were living at my Grandma’s house because my Father was in Germany waiting for his name to come up for family housing before we could join him.

One day, my Grandma was all mysterious and told me that I had to take a bath and get dressed in clean clothes (not my jammies) It was way early . . . not our regular bath time. It was also very wierd to take a bath and not get into jammies. I was taking a bath and getting into a dress. She was being so secretive and mysterious, but all she would tell me was that I was going to go somewhere with my Mom. I couldn’t even imagine where we were going. It was night time and a school night to boot.

So it turns out that my Mom had decided (and I don’t know why) that she was going to take me to BINGO with her. That was such a treat!!!

I didn’t have to go to bed with the “children” (my sister & brother were 3 & 4 years younger than me respectively) and I got to go out at night with my Mom on a school night no less and play BINGO with the adults.

I felt extremely special . . . I was in heaven!!!

Next time I talk with her I will have to remember to ask her what the special occasion was. I just still can remember to this day the anticipation I felt getting ready for this big mystery and the thrill I felt going out at night with my Mom and sitting at BINGO with all the adults. I remember it like it was yesterday

Give 10,000 cheers (read all 3 entries…)
For the second time I might add (sigh)

only 361 to go. Possibly I can get this done my the end of the month!

In 2011, live like the person I've always wanted to be (read all 10 entries…)
So I realized that in the past I have liked myself best

when I was contributing to society in a worthwile manner. Earlier this year I committed to APARN by volunteering to take on the responsibiltiy of Home Check Co-ordinator. This has been going pretty well!!! I feel very good about knowing that I have actually played a part in some little pug being matched up with a person who loves him/her and they will bring so much happiness to each other. There is nothing like Pug Love!!!

The second thing that I have decided and am taking appropriate steps to do is to become more involved in VNSA. I volunteered at the annual book sale earlier this month and at that time made a decision to become more involved in VNSA on a regular basis. I made contact with them and have received a response that there will be a meeting soon to find out more about the organization and how to become a member.

So I know that the person I’ve always wated to be is involved with things outside of her own little world. She contributes to the larger picture. She is presently actively involved in Pug Rescue and will soon hopefully be involved in an organization that provides a service to the community and at the same time raises funds for two very worthy causes in her community.

I am feeling way better about myself right now!!!

Random ramblings (read all 53 entries…)
I can't seem to get enough

coffee in me today!!!

Normally I am fine with 1 or 2 cups in the morning. Today . . . not so much.

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