thinks she might be falling in love again:)

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get a job

Working at Sears now!! I feel like an independant woman! I’m so shocked they hired me even though I’ve been out of work for TWO WHOLE YEARS!! Hooray for second chances!!!

fall in love again

Regardless of wheteher it is with “him” or someone else…I want to feel those feelings again. I miss him more than he’ll ever know. More than he’ll ever know.

Learn to say no
Learn to say No

To often I find myself in situations that I could’ve easily avoided, had I learned to say “no”. I too often follow gut instincts and fleshly desires without accessing the consequences of my actions. There are dire consequences for both myself, my family, and those I love around me. (i.e. cheating on Steven) Another way I look at this goal is that I can sometimes be unwillingly submissive, in order to please other people. I find myself talking to men who obviously only want to sleep with me, but I can’t find it in my heart to stand up ofr myself and tell them “no” i dont want to talk to you if all you’re going to talk about is how sexy I am. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m hoping I can ascess situations thouroughyl before jumping into them, and to be more assertive when I’m feeling uncomfortable.


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