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  1. 1. get a tatoo
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  2. 2. be very rich
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  3. 3. Visit Australia
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  4. 4. get a dog
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  5. 5. grow my hair long
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  6. 6. have no regrets
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  7. 7. learn to dance salsa
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  8. 8. learn to salsa dance
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Visit England

I went to England over March Break, and it was the BEST vacation ever!!! Suprisingly it didn’t rain once!!!!! I was shocked, apparently they never have weather that good! British people are very friendly and helpful and I had a fun time taking the tube around. The only bad part was the hotel I stayed at: “The Apollo Hotel” it was in a good location but it was GROSS! There was a slug in my friends cereal and I found dirty underwear under my covers becasue they don’t change the sheets! Other than that I LOVE ENGLAND—and the boys are hot too!!!

learn french

I went to french immersion for grade 7 and 8, because my mom made me, but I am glad that I did because it is actually really useful and you can get a lot of jobs just for speaking it. Plus it sounds hot!

be very rich

I have expensive taste… no matter what store I go into I always seem to pick out the most expensive thing in the store. I DEFINATELY need to get rich ASAP. $$$$

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