Design my own apartment

i want to come up with & draw a design plan for my new apartment. i want it to be simple yet beautiful.

play more with my ferret
need to spend more time with Watanuki

I want to spend more time playing with Watanuki, even if I’m feeling tired, ‘cause I know he feels neglected. :( He’s such a lively animal, I feel bad for him staying in his cage for hours and hours while I’m not around. I also want to take him out for walks more often and overall take better care of him.

be happy on my birthday

oddly, I rarely feel happy on my birthday. this year I felt pretty miserable. gonna try to change that in 2009!

get a passport

I have to get a new one ASAP. Need to stop making excuses for being so damn lazy & go fill out the papers. :/


reading Bernard Werber’s “Us, Gods”
I like it so far, though his “The Empire of the Angels” was way better.

see wall-e

I’ve been waiting for a few months to see this movie!

buy more shoes

ah.. I’m a girl. shoes make me happy :)

find a job i love

I think this goal is quite hard to achieve, but I will try to find a job that will be more satisfying than my previous one.

give away 30 things i don't need

just a bunch of shoes & clothes I never wear + some toys given to charity.
will keep doing it. totally worth it!

Get a ferret

sooooo worth it! :)

spend more time with my sister

I’m 22 and about to start my own family. My little sister Nika was born 6 months ago. She lives with my dad and his second wife in another country, and I’ve only seen her once. She’s the cuttest baby ever. I want to make an effort to visit them more often and spend as much time with her as I possibly can.



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