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  1. 1. clear my overdraft
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  2. 2. get out of debt
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  3. 3. lose 30lbs
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How to lose 20lbs
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get out of debt
I have 5 debts to pay off

to friends/acquaintances I needed to borrow from when I got into a sticky situation in a city I didn’t know and lost my job. The biggest is $400 and the smallest is $35. I know they say you should start with the smallest but I’m going to start with the biggest so it’s out of the way and I don’t have to think about it!

clear my overdraft

It’s £2000. That’s so much money. Still, if I add a little bit of money to it every now and then, I’ll be happy.

lose 20lbs
I actually want to lose 21lbs.

That’s 1 1/2 stone. And I want to do it by April 1. That gives me exactly 12 weeks so I need to lose 7lbs per month. I figure that’s a healthy amount of weight to lose. Also, April 1 is just in time for spring.


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