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Gem #49


I always had an issue with my appearance, especially when someone would say I look frail or doe-like. I wanted to look independent and strong and powerful. Looking delicate and soft was not in the dictionary of allowed impressions.

It took me a while….

...a long while to even start contemplating what this softness really means to me. What does it make me BE? Is it necessary to connect it to WEAK or SUBMISSIVE (as was my first impression)?

Recently answers to these questions started to show up…one by one. To those that are interested you can look at my exploration on this subject in my Aphrodite project on either my blog or my Flickr page. To others I’m going to cut a long story short by saying that today the idea of softness makes me think of flowers and their own beautiful frailness that nobody seems to mind (quite the contrary). It makes me think that, maybe…just maybe …..softness is not a weakness. It, like the flowers, could be a gift.

For that reason I can proudly put this into my treasure chest now. I feel it as a full part of me. I am even joyous. Who would of known. :-)

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Day #241

The layers of a woman

I run a risk of sounding like a cliche, but I would compare a woman to an onion. Layers upon layers of possible self exploration. On first glance some contradicting each other, on second playfully weaved. Soft-strong-enduring-caring-emotional-transformational-life giving-growing-.........

Today it feels so wonderful to be a woman.

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The knowing

It has been a straight 2 months of no sky for us here. There were no particular clouds to be seen since the whole sky was covered by one big massive cloud. It was grim and gray and very depressing for some people.

I, on the other hand, felt so connected with it (the sky, that is). Knowing that behind all the grim and dull there is infinite amounts of crisp blue made me feel like I have a hidden friend just a smile away.

It was/is a good feeling.
I didn’t get depressed at all.

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