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  1. 1. Buy a rental property in Shenyang
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  2. 2. Take an HSK examination
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  3. 3. Write a proper website
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  4. 4. see the northern lights
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  5. 5. Become physically fit
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  6. 6. lose weight
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  7. 7. write songs
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  8. 8. scan in all my old photographs
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  9. 9. Visit Xiamen | Amoy
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Live in Hong Kong

Finally after wanting to make my home here since the very first time that I set foot in the place (December 1990) I am here and awaiting my first work visa! It feels great!

Pass this PGCE

This was an unbelievable challenge for me, very stressful, exhausting and so on, but I eventually got myself through it by the grace of God!

Have prepared my Prof Dev Portfolio

At last the wretched thing is out of the way…

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