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create a comic strip

The whole reason I got into drawing again was to become proficient enough in the basics to be able to illustrate my own stories.

Anyway, I feel I’m ready to try my hand at some small comic strips. Perhaps one day I will feel comfortable with the medium enough to go for the graphic novel or series.

I’m working on a strip now, and so far it’s looking better than I thought. Yay me!

post more on deviantart
i really should

Most of my art lies dormant on my desk, piled high like age-old treasure maps forgotten in a rusty, old pirate ship. Shame on me.

stop being a perfectionist
It's time.

Drawing hasn’t been anywhere near ‘fun’ for a long time.
I have the deep urge to do it, but when I do, I think of all the things I am unable to do; settings, scenery, anatomy, color theory, painting, etc and become depressed. It berates me day in, day out, even when I’m not drawing. I don’t want to be afraid of what I used to love…

So upon returning to 43T, I add this to my list. Just yesterday I made the decision to do life drawings and to be as loose as I can be with it. I am loosening up, and diving right in, refusing to be fearful of a blank page. If i do badly, oh well.

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