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make it home alive from iraq (read all 2 entries…)
I made it

There was a lot of times I was worried I wasn’t going to make it, but I kept my head clear and stayed focus and I am home. With all the bad shit thats been happening out there lately I’m glad I’m home and I want all my brothers and sisters to make it home too. Keep you head down and you’ll be home soon too.

Learn how to fly a plane

Every since the first time I watched Top Gun I’ve wanted to fly. Of course I’ve wanted fly fighter jets, like F-14’s or F-18’s. I never really did much about it until I was 19. One day I went to the Navy recruiting office and told them I wanted to fly. I was all good for ROTC with the Navy until some shit that happened when I was much younger showed up on my background check. At that point I was very determined to be an aviator. I started to go to college, studying Aviation as my major. I kept a toy F-14 in my backback for inspiration and watched Top Gun everynight while doing my homework. After a while school got boring and I couldn’t keep myself motivated (which is a totally different goal) so I dropped out.

A couple years later I joined the Army as an Infantry soldier. My recruiter tried to talk me in to flying helicopters, but that didn’t seem as fun as flying jets, so I said no. Even though I might still fly helicopters for the Army I have always wanted to fly planes.

My chances at being a Naval Aviator have pretty much passes. By the time my Army contract expires and I finish school and everything, I would need a waiver to fly. Flight school is competative enough without having to worry about a waiver as well. So I guess it’s flying private planes for me if I really want to fly. Thats not to bad I guess, flying is flying and it looks like a lot of fun.

start boxing
Fight For Fun!

I have always wanted to be a more skilled fighter, if not for fun and sport, for protection. Boxing is something I have always enjoyed doing with my friends. Just just throwing haymaker after haymaker, no actual talent, just knocking the crap out of eachother. I have a friend, that when we get back to the States, we are going to try to find a gym and start training, just for fun. I don’t want to be like a pro boxer or anything. I just think the sport seems fun.

Have a diversified portfolio
Stocks, Bonds....

I always thought that investing was simple. Buy a stock or two, but your money in a savings account and start saving for retirement. I was very wrong. Now that I understand a little more about investments, I would like to have a diversified portfolio. I want to invest in a handful of individual stocks and handful in inndividual bonds, a few mutual funds, then hopefully work my way into investing in some real estate as well as some small businesses. I would also like to invest in some over seas stocks and mutual funds to further my diversification. I know it’s not an extremely difficult goal as long as you have the money, but I’m starting from scratch. A little deployment money, then some money here and there that I save from my paychecks.

I would also like to start and IRA and get that retirement money growing while I’m still young. I can handle a few years of struggling now so I can live a easy comfortable life when I’m older.

Read more "For Dummies" books (read all 2 entries…)
On My Way

So I finished “Investments For Dummies” Meaning I have read two cover to cover (I never read “Hockey For Dummies” all the way through). I also order seven more on and should recieve them by the end of this week.

I Ordered:

- "Personal Finances For Dummies" 
- "Mutual Funds For Dummies"
- "Taxes For Dummies"
- "Accounting For Dummies"
- "Economics For Dummies"
- "Reading Fiancial Reports For Dummies"
- "The Series 7 Exam For Dummies"

Yes I’m on a fiancial reading phase right now, but at the very least it will help me manage my own finances better. Hopefully it’l give what I need to help me in college and get me into the career I want.

become a stockbroker
The Fun Side of Finances

I never thought that there was such a thing as fun when it came to finances, well other then spending them. Lately I have had a great deal of free time and I wanted to use that free time to better my financial situation. I started reading “Stock Investing For Dummies” and then moved on to “Investing For Dummies”. This spawned a whole financial “For Dummies” reading marathon for me, but what it really did is get me interested in becoming a stockbroker. I think it would be fun to buy and sell stocks for a living. Not only that but help people with their personal finances and make a decent amount of money doing it. Anybody that has a better idea of what I should major in or how to go about getting an internship, please help.

workout consistantly
Size Matters

I currently weigh about 160lbs. at 5ft. 11inch. that’s not great. I want to play pro hockey and I may even be good enough, I just don’t have the size. At my height I should weigh more like 180 or 190. I have recently started working out everynight. I want to continue until I am at the weight I want to be at and then I want to continue to keep that weight. I have gone to the gym before, but eventually I miss a day and the a few days later another and another then I stop going. I want to keep going and get my size and keep it this time. My future as a pro hockey player may depend on this.

Read more "For Dummies" books (read all 2 entries…)
"For Dummies"

I read my first for dummies book years ago, “Hockey For Dummies”. It was sixteen years till I read the next one, “Stock Investing For Dummies”, and I also have a few others I am going to read here. Reading these books though is a great thing. If you think you may like a subject you know nothing about they are great to get a better idea. I was looking at their website and they have so many I want to read. There are so many things that I want to know about that I have no idea at all about and I think “For Dummies” books are the best thing for that. I want to start reading them more often and learn as much as I can.

learn a foreign language

I have tried to learn French, (because I thought it was a romantic language and would help with the ladies) and Italian, (because I am Italian and have always wanted to learn the language). Unfortuanatley I was not very successful in either one. In French I just hated the teacher and didn’t want to be in the class after about the third day and in Italian, I just had trouble making it to class cause I lives like half an hours from campus and didn’t have a license. Still I want to learn a new language. I think I just got to get myself motivated and make sure I don’t miss classes. Hopefully I can go back and finish Italian. I would love to talk to my Grandma in Italian.

have super powers
Superman...or something like him

I just want to be able to fly, but really fast so I can fly home and see my wife and family every night. I would also like to be able to generate a shield around me and my fellow soldiers here so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting shot or blown up anymore. So I guess I would use my super powers for good and not evil like I always thought I would.

Design my own house
Dream Houes

I have always enjoyed drawing little designs for buildings and houses. I would really like to have the money to buy my own land and build a house that I designed on it. Short and sweet!

see the world
The whole World

Ok so I have been into Mexico and Canada, but that is pretty much just a different part of the US. I have been to the airport in Germany, so that doesn’t count. I have been in Kuwait for a couple of weeks, but that was on a Military base and most of Kuwait is desert anyways. I’m in Baghdad now and even though I’m fighting a “war”, we still do a little sight seeing here and there. We got to do something to keep us from going insane.

This is a list of places I want to go:

- Greece
- Italy
- England
- Germany
- China
- South Africa
- Spain
- Brazil
- Israel
- India
- Amsterdam
- Australia
- Iceland
- France
- Russia
- Czech Republic
- Sweden

I’m sure there’s more so I’ll add them when they come to me.

write a book
Capital Punishment

I was working on a book called “Capital Punishment” for a little while. I got a few chapters in and then just stopped writing for some reason. I hope that someday I’ll go back and finish writing that book. I have always wanted to get just one book published. I have no desire to publish more then one book.

finish college
Gone Again

I have been to two different colleges and had the same thing happened both times. The first semester I show up motivated and excited and do extremely well in all my classes. Then the second semester starts and I’m am over the initial excitment and I do horrible and end up dropping out. I want to go back and stay in until I’m done, I guess thats what I was hoping the Army would do for me. Give me the dicipline I needed to finish the things I started. I guess well see.

be in a band again

I was once in a band named Kanoodle, it started off just my best friend as guiter and me as bass. We were just trying to put some songs together with a drum machine and then have one of the guys I worked with at the time sing on some of the tracks. It was never anything that was supposed to be serious. One day an old friend called up my friend and said she was back in town for good and wanted to hangout. She came over one day while we were practicing and fooling around started singing along to some of our songs. She was actually really good so we asked if she wanted to sing for us. She wanted to be serious so she put out an ad for a drummer and a couple weeks later for the first time we had a full band practice. We wrote two songs that first day and put them on myspace even though we didn’t have the vocal tracks on them yet. A couple weeks after that we got asked to play a local music fest, a few weeks after that opening night at a new club. Before we had a chance to play any shows our drummer moved and our band was left incomplete once again.

I have a group of guys here in Baghdad with me that shows some promise for when we get home, but they have never heard me play so they are a little iffy about me still. Hopefully it all works out because ever since I had a chance to play and didn’t make it, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to play in front of a live audience.

write a song and hear it on the radio
Writing Songs

I have been in bands here and there, but none that have made it very far. It would of course be awesome to hear my own band on the radio, but I wouldn’t mind just writing a song and hearing another band play it. I like writing almost as much as playing. Sure you don’t get famous from writing songs, but it would still be cool to listen to your song on the radio and be like “I wrote that.”

design video games
Game Design

I used to study graphic design and learned about the design process and it seems like a fun one. Not only that, but how cool would it be to walk into a store and see a kid pick up a game you designed and tell his mom he “needs” that game. I just think it would be a lot of fun.

make it home alive from iraq (read all 2 entries…)

When I first got here in January combat was fun. Everytime I heard someone fire a weapon I was the one that wanted to go in and save the day. That all changed when I watched my friend die right in front of me. He was shot in the head and if the bullet had been a few inches higher it would have gone over his head and hit me. Since that day combat lost it’s fun and all I want to do is make it out of this country without getting shot or blown up.

become a pro hockey player
Pro Hockey

I started playing hockey in 1991 at age 6, since that first day I have known that I was born to play hockey. I used to play in my front yard for hours by mysrlf just skating and shooting. I never let anyone get me down when it comes to hockey. My dad used to tell me that I was born in the wrong country to play for the NHL and maybe he’s right, but I want it more then anything else in my life and it’s something I will never give up on.

date a celebrity
Ashlee Simpson

The most beautiful women in the world! A bad picture of her looks better then most peoples good pictures. I like her attitude, she’s got that I don’t give a fuck attitude and it’s hot. She is the one celebrity I would ever actually want to have a relationship with if given the chance.



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