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Become Financially Independent
Pretty much enough said!

I am retired from 30 yrs at my job and pretty much nothing to show for it. But I did get mt health insurance paid which was a big plus although now the governor has signed a bill which will make us pay some amount of a premium for it but still I’m grateful to have it!
I just never was good at saving or taking heed when it came to looking ahead, the days are long but the years are short, found that out quick 30 years came sooner than later.

study the Bible more
God' word

I truely believe the bible is non negotiable! I also believe we have to know the Word to be able to live the life God has planned for us not always good,not always sunny and bright but if He be for us and in our corner, who be against us!?This gets me through and for that I am thankful for without it all joy would be gone forever!

I am in a great relationship with the G.O.D.
The older I get the closer I want to be to God in a personal relationship!

I am now57 years old not knowing if i’ll be 58 next Febuary.
I find myself more emotional than anyone or even I thought I could or would ever be.i have missed out on many blessings because of fears and poor choices on my part. I realize now how not lucky but blessed my life has been through even the bad times, and there were enough of them.
God held on to me, I’m convinced and now I want to thank Him and keep holding on to Him.


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