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  1. 1. Be more generous
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  2. 2. Learn to play guitar
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  3. 3. Donate 10% every month
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  4. 4. Be kind
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  5. 5. Have a purpose
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  6. 6. Go on a roadtrip with no predetermined destination
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  7. 7. Live in Germany
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  8. 8. Wait Patiently for my love
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How I did it
How to grow out my hair
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2 years
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How to exercise daily
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How to fall in love
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4 months
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be more generous

I have been an only child (so to speak in household terms) since I was three years old. My brother and sister were 12 and 15 years older than I am, so when they moved out of the house for college, all of the attention shifted upon me, making me greedy for appraisal and compliments. I realize that this has effected my everyday life and I should mind my selfishness more often and to give the people that are around me what I would have instead chosen to give myself.


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