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How to buy wireless printer
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How to get at least Cs in my GCSEs
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How to learn the words to "untouched"
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Have a flat of my own

Need a good job first, but I can start by saving up so I have a good amount of cash for a deposit and furniture in the future whenever I can afford to get a flat.

get into a routine (read all 2 entries…)
Routine 1

I got up at 8:45am today because I had to be somewhere for 9:30am.

I got dressed and went out

I could count ringing the school as doing something worthwhile. It’s leading to something

Get a good paid job Im happy in
Update 1 - Job

I’ve been unemployed since 2010 and I’m looking for an employer so I can start a Business Admin apprenticeship. For the meantime, as I have nothing to aim for work wise at the moment apart from actually getting an INTERVIEW let alone an actual job, I’m going to apply myself to voluntary work.
I rang the local primary school today to ask if I could speak to someone to go back and do some more voluntary and I’m just waiting for a call back so I can speak to the appropriate person about it. Just something to keep me busy for a few afternoons a week and also good for a CV and overall experience.
Just get myself out there instead of waiting for everyone to come to me, which obviously isn’t going to happen. I need to be keen and enthusiastic and show a willingness to be there. If I say that I’ve been doing nothing, it doesn’t sound very good. I’ll try and keep this updated when things happen.

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