is going to plant some tomato plants :)

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How to own a steel boned corset
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How to have an organic garden
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plant fruit trees
Planting lemon seeds

Planted them, they germinated and are now growing. Since I live in a deciduous climate, they will have to go indoors during the Winter. I’m going to grow them bonsai-style. Shall be taking photos to document the progress!!!

Attend a rave
Already done it

My goal, is to do it MORE, or at least a few times more, soon.

Short-term goal: Attend at least one other rave/rave-like dance this year.
Long-term goal: Attend at least one rave/rave-like dance every year.

be a Goth
Speaking of Broadening Horizons

This road has been a long one, sometimes painful but mostly pleasant.

There are many aspects to a personality and a label like this could not possibly begin to describe who I am.

I rather like to think of goth as part of my personal style (the truth is everyone’s is different and no goth is just the same- which is why none of us can agree on just what goth is) and one of my favorite genres of music and literature.

I can’t tell you if you’re a goth or not. I can’t give out a guide to “goth 101” or tell you how to be.

But if this is something you feel a connection to- and I mean a serious one, involving a true love for the lifestyle that sees beauty in things most people ignore or shun. An affinity for songs that have that sound that is both passionate and meaningful in ways that you identify with.

Let me start that one again.

If this is something you feel a connection to then by all means pursue it.

Keep in mind not to overdo things because you think that’s what goth is “supposed” to be. If you’re not comfortable walking out the house with a choker and heavy eyeliner, then don’t. It’s not just about physical appearance (although most people pride themselves in this and expect others to pay the same amount of zeal). This runs WAY deeper than makeup and clothes (not that these aren’t pleasing to indulge in), it’s about tolerance and open-mindedness. It’s about knowing that society at large will assume things and not caring about the immature nature of people.

It’s about being the way that makes you happy- but not in a way that would hurt or offend anybody.

Most of all, it’s a way to identify yourself in an attempt to find others with similar interests and tastes (because some of these things you would not bring up in a conversation with normal people).

But it’s different for everyone.

And everyone has a different view of it.

Above all things, respect lives, yourself, your family and the world. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t be easy to offend.

And one tip from Jillian Venters and her ever-flowing-fountain of wisdom: Friends don’t let friends dress like the crow.

Visit for more on the ways and challenges of the and to the everyday darkling.

For any tips, advice, and anything pertaining to the above please, please, please contact me I would more than love to share my knowledge, experiences and tips. I also guarantee that if you ask me a question to which I have no answer I will do my utmost best to find resources for you.

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