go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
Week road trip with my (now husband)

went from missouri and took off. spent money, lived lux, and drove a lot. talked a lot, good experiances.

get a passport
does an extended license to canada count?

b/c i have that her ein MI

start a blog
online journaling is the best form of meditation

that is, when meditation can’t be one at all, it helps.

Become a vegetarian

was one for a year, then i got prego. and then all i craved was chicken :)

get a tattoo that has a significant meaning
My lotus

Represents a cleansing and rebirth. After getting it I quit my job, moved out of state, traveled, and married my long-distance romance.

finish a knitting project
cross-stitch counts

made abeach-themed picture for my dad for his up-comming birthday. not bad. but i am pretty fast at doing it, i just lose count sometimes, but not bad at all.



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