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  1. 1. Find my ideal career
    15 people
  2. 2. be closer to my family
    162 people
  3. 3. stop being too scared to show my emotions
    1 person
  4. 4. get my driving license
    159 people
  5. 5. learn to play an instrument
    1,410 people
  6. 6. learn a language
    828 people
  7. 7. emigrate
    61 people
  8. 8. see niagra falls
    134 people
  9. 9. walk the great wall of china
    645 people
  10. 10. see the seven wonders of the world
    551 people
  11. 11. accept myself
    653 people
  12. 12. live and not just exist
    21 people
  13. 13. own a horse again
    33 people
  14. 14. own my own home (again)
    6 people
  15. 15. be happy with myself
    1,479 people
  16. 16. beat bulemia
    1 cheer
    4 people
  17. 17. find love
    2,353 people
  18. 18. travel the world
    21,164 people
  19. 19. tone up my body
    149 people
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get a piercing
get a piercing

I’ve had my ears done twice, I also have a small plug in one side, my navel has been done 3 times (I keep pulling it out) and I have my clitoris pierced. I did have the piece of skin pierced between my thumb and index finger but I took it out as it got caught on everything.

I now just want my ear doing again (hard to describe where I want it doing) and also my tongue

Get a piercing down there...
a piercing "down there"

I had mine done last year and although I can’t speak for any men but from a female’s point of view, not only does it look good… makes a difference!!!

live in ibiza
live in Ibiza

I’m just about to head back to Ibiza for my 3rd (and final) season out there. I love it!!!!


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