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take over china

I was thinking more like Alaska because nobody is there, and its for the taking. It world be a grate place to start an under water base. From Alaska to China would be my veiw.
I’m with ya on taking over china, thos &%$#@! holes eat cats, I hate that! I love kittens…

Get therapy.
Modern day prices

Therapy helped me alot, but it costed me like $10,000.00
Which is alot of money just to talk to someone…

SLEEP...sleep better, sleep longer, sleep more, sleep earlier

Ya I truely need more sleep, blood shot eyes and bags…
I have been getting into this thing were you look a digital clock every 15 minutes, and when your asleep you do it in your dream but the clock will look weird and you will realize your dreaming. You can take at least partial control of your dream. It is loads of fun to do every singal thing you ever wanted to do. Even though its just a dream its still ammusing.

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