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Go helicopter skiing - once
Need to try this

I need to try this at least once.
Who knows, I may do it again if it’s not TOO expensive.


Clear off my kitchen table
Whoa! I now have a place to put my plate!

Got the papers cleared off the kitchen table (or at least sorted to the side). Now let’s try to keep it that way.

become a better skier
learning how to stop

Yeah, being able to stop easily is hard but worth learning how to do right.

Next time you are out on the slopes, try this on a slight hill since it is easier to catch an edge that way. You will be doing a “hockey stop”, which is where you come to a skidding stop with both skis parallel.

To prepare to stop, decide which ski you want to have uphill after the stop (most people are much more comfortable on one side). Then point skis downhill and get a little speed

Now you are going to do several things simultaneously or in quick succession:

  • keep your skis parallel during this entire process
  • swing both your heels to one side at the same time
  • lean uphill slightly and catch the uphill edges of BOTH skis
  • if your feet get separated, catch the downhill ski edge harder

You can also go with someone and ask them to give you pointers about what you might be doing wrong.

The goal is to be able to do this without thinking so you have this skill up your sleeve when needed. It will help you feel more comfortable going a little faster knowing you can stop quickly when needed.

If other experienced skiers have further pointers, click the “comments” link below so the hints are kept together.

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