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It happens!

Just to tell everyone that we think this website is great how we all support eachother soo…. we would like to share a secret with everyone – How we lost our wizard powers!!
On hallaween it was a fullmoon we went to the local haunted castle there were people leaving and we went inside. my wand slipped out of my bag, the moon light caught it and it turned into dust i ran and told cindy to follow but she was struck there with the light hitting her face like she was being hypnotized. i turned around and it caught me too in the end cindy’s wand disepeared and we felt dizzy so we sat down ssomewhere in shock. we walked back to her house wondering what happend and since then we have never dealed wiv magic again… but we are ready to start again warning: MAGIC IS DANGOROUS!

make all my wishes come true...

what we did is found a magical forest or somwhere and when it was dark we got a torch and went out we stood in the middle of the forest place (druid circle) and lit a beeswax candle and said: please help us in make our wishes we really dont want to be selfih we will use them for good only” it was worth it but it only worked for a day and you cant be to selfish with your wishes trust us bad might happen!!

Become a wizard

Jess and cindy: we really want to become wizards now we have been through lots of things E.g Mermaids, Druids, magic and stuff but we wand to do spells, potions, wizrdy stuff we are all prepared so if you know how to please pleae tell us!!

and if anyone wants to do mermaids or wishes we can help you!

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