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  1. 1. Become a Famous Actor
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  2. 2. Become a Werewolf
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  3. 3. Become a Vampire
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Become a vampire

I’ve already made an entry about becoming a Werewolf
I would like just as much 2 become a Vampire
are there any Vampires out there who could tell me the pros and cons of being a Vampire???
if i agree with the goods/Bads then i would appreciate if someone here could turn me
just tell me the part of the planet you live on
if your close enough I’ll tell you where to meet me and you may have my blood
thanks all

become a werewolf

I have read a lot of stuff about Werewolves
I would LOVE 2 become one
if there’s anybody out there who would be willing 2 change me


I want to:
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