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become a police dog handler

I want to be USMC Military Police, MOS 5811. After I achieve that MOS, I’d like my speciality to be Working Dog Handler, MOS 5812. I’d like to get paid to work with dogs. That’d be so cool.

go back in time

I want to go to Seattle 1989 and live there for a few years so I can live through Nirvana’s time period. In 1994 I’ll return to my time and I’ll have done one of the things I want to do most. But maybe I wouldn’t need to return to my time so soon. Maybe I’d go back a little farther to August of 1969, and go to Woodstock. If you’re not supposed to be there, as in, you are in a different time period, could you get killed? Hmm. Because if not I’d like to got to 1945 and be on Iwo Jima. If I could just go back whenever I wanted the possibilities are endless as to what I could do.

run every morning

I’ve bought the Nike+iPod chip to track my runs and some nice new running shoes. I’d just really like to get healthier and I think that waking up every morning and running 3 miles is a great start.

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